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Effortlessly Elegant Entertaining Elevated!

April 19, 2013

Hey hey, everybody! It’s getting to be that time of year when all you want to do is be outside all day, every day, right? (Don’t worry, our Midwestern friends, it’ll happen soon!) Well, take your next picnic or outdoor party to the next level with this brand-spanking-new line of casually chic dinnerware, stemware and drinkware from legendary designer, Michael Aram.

MADHOUSE by Michael Aram was created to reflect the way you entertain today. No matter how casual or formal the environment, you want ease and comfort without sacrificing style, elegance and detail. MADHOUSE brings Michael’s creative innovation to even the most relaxed moments in your lives…because every entertaining moment should make a statement.

Check out a quick preview of the fabulous new line!

Translucent Black Melon Wine Goblet - $13.95

Translucent Black Melon Wine Goblet – $13.95

Translucent Black Twig Cutlery Set - $5.95

Translucent Black Twig Cutlery Set – $5.95

Black Orchid 11" Melamine Dinner Plate - $15.95

Black Orchid 11″ Melamine Dinner Plate – $15.95

Fig Leaf 11" Melamine Dinner Plate - $17.95

Fig Leaf 11″ Melamine Dinner Plate – $17.95

Black Orchid Beverage Napkins (Set/24) - $5.95

Black Orchid Beverage Napkins (Set/24) – $5.95

Fig Leaf Melamine Serving Tray - $49.95

Fig Leaf Melamine Serving Tray – $49.95


They’re all pieces that are tough and durable enough for use outside, but so elegant and sophisticated, you’ll want to use them all inside too! And the best part? There’s so much more! Head on over to the MADHOUSE by Michael Aram page at Ella & Boss, and get your shop on right now!

Have an amazing weekend!!! XO










How Does Your Garden Grow? (UPDATED)

April 1, 2011

Happy Friday, my little April Fools!

It seems that spring has finally started the glacially slow springing process, and in DC that only means one thing: cherry blossoms! Well, OK, cherry blossoms that any true Washingtonian avoids like the plague on account of all the tourists, but you get the idea. Pretty, pretty flowers busting out all over! Today, we were lucky enough to spend some time in the lovely garden of our intrepid leader, watching the little buds come into bloom. True, there weren’t any cherry blossoms (though, knowing our intrepid leader, she could probably get them if she wanted them!), but there was more than enough vernal loveliness to get a nice Spring Buzz going. Here are a few pics:

Baby tulip's first spring!


Spring is in the buildings!

What about you, guys? Any good gardening tips? What are you most excited to do this spring? Let us know in the comments!

See you next time! Have a fun weekend!!!