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The Shaved Shagreen Back Shell for the iPhone 5 is Finally Here!!!!!

January 7, 2013

Hey hey, everybody!!! Happy Monday! RM here once again, and here’s hoping you and all of yours had a very merry holiday season and the happiest new year! Now did you get everything you wanted this year? I hope so, though I’m guessing some of you sadly didn’t, seeing as how our inboxes have been overflowing the last few weeks with folks asking us when we’d have a version of the Shaved Shagreen iPhone Back Shell – our most popular product – for the iPhone 5! Of course, we were sure hoping to get them for you in time for the holiday season, but it seems that sometimes greatness takes a little time. Bummer, I know. But fret no longer, friends, for it’s my great pleasure to announce that today, ladies and gents, the wait is finally over. May I introduce you to this week’s – nay, this month’s – nay, this lifetime’s – featured product: THE SHAVED SHAGREEN BACK SHELL FOR THE IPHONE 5!!!







Now, you can finally upgrade your iPhone in style, with this line of chic, durable, fun and wholly original cases, made from real 100% stingray and designed especially for E&B by the good folks at Moshi, the purveyors of electronic fashion! We’ve got a bunch of brand new colors to choose from, like raspberry, royal blue, and hot pink! But if you don’t see the color you want, not to worry! This is merely the first wave; we should have every color under the sun by the end of the month, so keep checking back!

In the meantime, step right this way and check out our hot new cases, but don’t be surprised if you end with them all! These are stunners. Get yours while supplies last!!!

Have an awesome afternoon! TTYS! RM, out! -XO


Happy Holidaze from Our Winter Punderland!!!

December 4, 2012

Hey hey, everybody! It’s your boy, Resident Male, back again to spread a little holiday cheer across the internets! Hope the afternoon finds you well! Now I know it’s been a long time, and I shouldn’t have left you without some dope links to click on, but my goodness! It’s been a crazy whirlwind of activity over here. I know I say that every time I go away for a while, but for real this time! We’ve got lots of news, and I guess the biggest news of all is this…



About a month ago, we learned that a beautiful retail space was open on the first floor of our building. So we looked around and thought, “Hey, we’ve got all this inventory and there’s enough office space down there for our interior design purposes… Let’s open a store!” So our Intrepid Leader gathered the troops and a week later we opened a grand spanking new store just in time for the holiday shopping season! It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!! So if at any point you realize that you haven’t been outside in two weeks, thanks to all the internet shopping, and feel like a breath of fresh air and some actual human contact, or you love Ella & Boss and want to meet all of our wares in person (they’re very friendly btw!), or you find yourself lost and giftless in McLean, Virgina and driving to Tyson’s Corner seems like diving headfirst into the seventh circle of the inferno (which it kind of is, even when it’s not the holidays), then stop on by! We’d love to see your smiling face and shower you with iPhone cases and scented candles! (It’s much more pleasant and less injurious than it sounds. I promise!)

But I know many of you faithful fans and dear readers are spread across the country, and therefore can’t come visit in person. So thank goodness for good ol’ E&B, now your one stop, 24/7 shop for all your holiday decorating and gift-giving needs. Our holiday store is now open for business, and we’ve got a ton of cool ornaments, candles, and serving pieces that will make your holiday party the most smashing success of the season. Stick with us, and if people don’t say exclusively nice things about your party behind your back this year, I’ll eat my hat! Check out, in no particular order, our top 5 holiday items for 2012!!! (more…)

You Are The Apple Of Our Eye!

September 12, 2012

Awwwww…. I know, right? But it’s true, everybody! We love each and everyone of you here at Ella & Blog, and thank you so much for coming back and visiting us once again. And if it’s your first time, welcome new friend! We love you too, but not like in a creepy way! Like in a look at this awesome new thing we want to share with you that will make your home look awesome and smell really nice sort of way! Yes, it’s that time of the week once again. We have a new Favorite Thing!!! So ladies and germs, may I proudly present… LE POMME ROUGE CANDLE by DL & COMPANY!!!


So… Labor Day has come and gone, the afternoons are getting ever-so-slightly shorter every day, and slowly life is getting back to normal. Time to put those bikinis away and save those Bud Light Limes for another day! But I don’t mean to depress! Far from it, in fact! ‘Cuz all that means is it’s almost fall, you guys! Fall is awesome!!! I mean in my humble opinion, there’s no time of year quite as pretty as autumn. That wonderful time when those oppressive summer temperatures begin to drop, the youths head back to school and the trees start to show off their vibrant, beautiful new colors. Oh, and sweaters! I love breaking out the sweaters!


Well, now you can enjoy the fall anytime you want with this gorgeous, elegant candle from DL & Company. Nestled inside a brass-enameled, apple sculpture, it will fill your home or office with DL’s crisp and verdant Thorn Apple fragrance for up to 30 hours. It makes a wonderful hostess or housewarming gift, or perhaps, especially if you’ve got a parent-teacher conference coming up, a beautiful, thoughtful gift for the favorite teacher in your life! I’m not saying that surprising the teacher with one will definitely get Junior into Harvard, but it definitely can’t hurt!

Green – Coming soon!

It comes in two sizes (large – $79.95 and petite – $24.95), and two colors (candy apple red and rose). A third, bright green, is coming soon!!! Go check them out over Ella & Boss today and grab one of your very own!!!

Until next time! Have a happy fall, everybody! RM, out! -XO

Fix Your Service Errors!

September 6, 2012

Good morrow, ladies and gents! Welcome back to Ella & Blog, the one stop shop for news and info about your fave website! Of course, I mean the fabulous Ella & Boss! For those of you with whom I haven’t yet had the pleasure, I am, as always, your blogger-in-residence, the Resident Male. For those of you with whom I have, again, you’re welcome! 😉

Alright, now what have I got in my bag of tricks for y’all today? Well, from time to time, we like to highlight one of our favorite new items that you maybe haven’t seen yet. Today’s new favorite thing is a beautiful line of serving trays that we found the last time we were in New York City. May I present… PROVENCE PLATTERS!!!

Direct from Australia, these gorgeous serving platters are sure to be a big hit at your next party! Available in two sizes (Small – 18″ in diameter, Large – 22″) and made from the recycled ribs and end pieces of vintage French Oak wine casks, these unique and eminently useful platters will add a charming touch of rustic, Old World sophistication to any centerpiece, coffeetable or ottoman. What struck us most upon our first viewing was the elegant contrast between hard and soft in their design. The wrought iron hardware pieces, forged in Brooklyn, give each platter a certain toughness and durability; the beautiful reclaimed wood, finished to a dazzling lustre with high grade beeswax, give each platter a sense of effortless luxury. Also, the larger version comes equipped with an 18″ aluminum lazy susan to make sharing and serving your favorite recipes and snacks a snap. This is the sort of piece designed not only to impress your guests, but also to stand the test of time, while adding a touch of edgy glamour to any table. Plus, it makes a wonderful gift for any occasion!

Pick yours up today at Ella & Boss! Until next time, be well! RM, out! – XO

Moleskine Fans of the World: Unite and Take Over!

May 31, 2012

Hey, friends! RM here, once again! Guess what I’m doing right now? Just guess! Well, if you said sitting at my desk in skinny jeans and a Cure t-shirt, fiddling with my carabiner keychain, nodding my head (but certainly NOT dancing to) the new Japandroids album on NPR, and blogging, you’d be mostly right.

It’s a Smiths t-shirt.

The Cure? No, thank you!

Anyway, you’re probably wondering why I’m sitting here trotting out my tried and true, artsy-fartsy, aging hipster bonafides. Well, it’s actually in celebration, because I’m personally so incredibly psyched to announce the newest brand joining the E&B family! This one goes out to all the artsy kids out there, because yes, folks, E&B’s now got MOLESKINE!


Trade secret: I’m a writer and musician by trade. I’ve been writing music and stories and that sort of thing for as long as I can remember, and those were my areas of study, so I’m sure you can imagine I honestly can’t remember a single point in the last ten years or so when I haven’t had a Moleskine journal within arm’s reach. You know the ones I mean. The sexy little journals and sketchbooks, with the sleek black hard covers, that have been the favorite of artists and writers for nearly two centuries. And if you’ve ever used one, you know why. They’re such a joy to write it in. Nice, thick acid-free stock. A built-in bookmark and elastic closure that make sure you never lose your place or any important keepsakes. The durable hard cover that can take a beating for months and still stay looking brand new. And yet there’s something about them that’s so comforting and inviting. Simply brilliant. Moleskine journals have been with me through my college days in New York City (I was that sensitive guy with the acoustic guitar and long hair in your dorm. Hi!), trekking through South America, and, even today, they’re the only journals I trust to keep all my ideas, observations, inspirations, and favorite memories safe and secure. And I bet you everything I own if you try one, you’ll feel the same way.

If you’re a Moleskine junkie like me, then you’ve probably heard that Moleskine has been moving in some new directions of late. Not only do they still offer their classic journals and sketchbooks, but now they offer all sorts of products that help you stay organized and excited about the hobbies and pursuits you love. The new line in particular that had us over the moon is their new line of Passion Journals. Designed with that signature Moleskine style, these journals are perfect for recording all the observations, ideas, inspirations and memories related to your specific areas of interest like gardening, wine, interior design, cooking and so many more!

All journals come with a different series of tools for page customization: stickers, icons, glossaries, listings, themed calendars, a double pocket for clippings, tickets and cards. Like the Moleskine Classic Journals, Moleskine Passions have a sewn binding, acid-free paper, rounded edges, elastic closure, cloth ribbon placeholder (Passions Journals have 3, each in a different shade), and a rear expandable inner pocket. They’re just awesome for documenting every facet of the things in life you love most (Baby Journal, anyone?), and if there’s someone in your life who’s passionate about their hobby, obviously, you simply couldn’t find a more perfect gift.

So head on over to E&B right now and pick your passion! And stay tuned for more Moleskine news coming soon! I’m going back to the new Walkmen album. RM, out! -XO

Your Tote Bag Is Waiting. Come and Jump On It!

March 12, 2012

Buy it! My pony!

Uh oh! We done did it again, folks! As of this morning, we have a yet another fabulous line to add to the E&B family! Today, it’s our distinct pleasure to introduce you to Rebecca Ray Designs, a line that made us go particularly gaga at this year’s New York International Gift Show.

If you’ve perused this blog before, then you probably know that all of us here are big fans of animals, both real and stuffed. (Goshdarnit, that video’s going viral, if I have to sneeze links all over the entire internet!) So much so, in fact, that on my last birthday, the ladies and I played hookey and went to our local animal shelter to play with all the puppies and kitties. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Also, yes, we are extremely wonderful people, thank you! (Buy our things!) And a special shout-out to my soulmate kitty, Big Pun, who hopefully found a good home where he continues to crush a lot. But aaanyway… Back to the story. Since we big animal lovers, naturally, we were all impressed by this bright, whimsical, incredibly sophisticated line of handbags, totes, and carrying cases inspired by what we dandies in the horsey set might call, the sporting life. Horse, dog and handbag lovers should take notice!

By far, Rebecca Ray’s most famous and bestselling product is the MaryAnn Race Horse Tote, which is a beaucoup chic, and impressively strong, roomy way to carry everything you could possibly need or want everywhere you go – from the beach to the gym to the grocery store to the carpool and all points in between – all the while making everybody who sees you seethe with jealousy, because… Well, because they just make you look really cool. There’s no better way to say it! The Race Horse Tote, in particular, features an image from a vintage grain sack screenprinted across a canvas of tough, heavy, cotton duck. A little bit of that old-school meets modern feel that all the kids are into these days. But don’t worry all of their bags are made from the same awesome, strong material and additionally feature thick leather trimmed handles, a wide interior pocket, a zippered closure and Rebecca Ray’s signature chocolate brown, 100% cotton, floral lining. Plus, all the hardware is inspired by the rings and buckles and whistles you’d find on saddles and bridles. In fact, they’re made from equestrian-grade nickel! Check ’em out!




As you can see, the MaryAnn comes in a number of different styles with different animals, and a variety of fun, bright colors that are sure to get you noticed. (In the good way, of course!) And tote bags aren’t all Rebecca Ray makes. They’ve got all manner of products that manage to make you look really cool, while also making your life easier. We’ve got all sorts of elegant, durable, and eminently useful duffel bags, computer totes, dopp kits, cosmetic bags, pet accessories and so much more for sale right now! Check out the Rebecca Ray Designs page at E&B and scoop your favorite up today!

Happy hunting! RM, out! – XO

…And You Get a Candle! And You Get a Candle! And You Get a Candle!

March 8, 2012


First, we all went crazy for salt water taffy. Then Calypso music. Sweater capes. Platform sandals. And now, the once and forever Queen of Daytime has issued a new proclamation to us, her loyal subjects. Yes, after much breathless anticipation, finally, the announcement of another one of her fabulous Favorite Thi-

I’m sorry, what’s that? Oh. Huh. OK, LP has just informed that all those things were just 30 Rock jokes, and not actually any of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Interesting. I have a sweater cape to return this afternoon I guess.

Well, no matter, I have it on very good authority that the newest line to join the E&B family is, in fact, one of Miss Winfrey’s Favorite Things, and we’re honored to welcome them aboard. Back on her 2007 Favorite Things special, O introduced the fantastic House & Home Collection by LAFCO to, naturally, much screaming, fainting, gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes. But here’s the thing. You guys? After a few days working amongst these deluxe, soy-based scented candles here in the office, and luxuriating in their calming, delicate and downright delicious scents, I think all of us here can totally understand the excitement. I mean they literally reek of elegance! And knowing what I know now, I’m not ashamed to say that I wouldn’t be above crane kicking a seatmate or pulling a little weave out to get my mitts on one. Just sayin’. (Not Oprah’s weave, of course. I’m not suicidal!)

Luckily, however, none of us ever has to resort to those sorts of desperate measures again, because now these gorgeous, beautifully scented candles are just one click away!

LAFCO’s House and Home Candle Collection is specifically designed to create an elegant atmosphere and compliment the ambiance and decor of each room in your home. Each candle is 16 oz., burns for approximately 90 hours and comes in a charming 4″ x 4″ hand-blown, art glass jar, which can be reused in so many ways once you’ve finished with the candle. And just to warn you, they’re all so pretty you’ll want to collect and display them all. With 10 truly awesome and unique scents to choose from, from the cozy, comforting Redwood and Cedar “Den” candle to the light, serene Lotus Flower and Cyclamen “Tea House” candle, you’re sure to find the scent that’s perfect for you. And at $54.99? For a huge candle, that lasts forever and smells incredible? Pretty awesome. Oprah knows what’s up, right?

Oprah swears to tell the truth...

Be sure to head on over to the LAFCO page at Ella & Boss and pick one up for your favorite room today!

Until next time! RM, out! -XO

The Cognac Has Landed!

January 12, 2012

Hi friends! So for the last few weeks, our bestselling item by far has been the Shaved Shagreen iPhone cases by Vivo Studios. (Thank you to all you lovely bloggers who provided links to us, btw!) And when I say “bestselling,” I mean… [Cut to 10 minutes later] I mean like the new ones went live literally 5 minutes ago and I just got a phone call from a very, very friendly lady in Cali who’s apparently been waiting to pounce for three days! How cool is that?!

Well, for anyone else who’s been wondering, yes, we did indeed finally get a new shipment of cases this morning! Hooray! Unfortunately, our stock is still limited due to the lingering effects of Thailand’s hurricane season, which shut down production for a little while. Therefore, if the recent past is any indication, you’re gonna have to act fast. But, if you do, you can get one of your very own right now! (Go! Go! Go!) But that’s not all the exciting news! Oh no no! Today, we’re stoked to introduce a brand new color to the shagreen family. Ladies and germs, may I present… COGNAC!

In the past, the cases that have sold out the fastest have been the bright colors, but when we saw this rich, deep chocolatey brown, we knew we had something special and had to share them with all of you. I mean I’m not sure you normally think “elegant” when you think of an iPhone case, right? Well, thankfully this case isn’t normal. 🙂 If bright and flashy and pink isn’t your thing, here’s the sharp, more understated (but not boring!) color you’ve been waiting for!

To purchase this case, or any of our others ($69.99 + SH), click this right here. And feel free to check out all of our other awesome accessories and gizmos and doodads while you’re over there. You never know what you might find!

Have a fab day! RM, out!

Our Favorite Things: The Letterpress Correspondence System by Forgetful Gentleman

March 17, 2011

Please send your good vibes towards Kansas. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

Ahoy hoy, everyone! Resident male here, and I sincerely hope all of you are having as fantastic a day as I am. I don’t know about you, but today I woke up like a little kid on Christmas morning! Why, you ask? Well, it’s actually not about St. Patrick Day, all you friends who know me a little too well. Or the thought of green beer, or screaming frat boys, or whatever. That’s actually kind of gross to me. (Side note: I think may have officially outgrown St. Paddy’s Day. How did that happen? Isn’t that just terrible?!!! I guess the landslide really does bring you down, man…) And, yes, dear people who read this blog regularly (all two of you), I’m sure it is partially because it’s a beautiful, not-quite-spring day outside. 65 degrees and sunny = one happy resident male! But that’s not it! Want to know what’s got me in such a stellar mood today?

DUH! It’s the first day of the NCAA Tournament! March Madness, baby!!!! (And, no, Intrepid Leader, I’m totally not sitting in my office watching it on the computer. Not even a little! Don’t even think it!)

As you all know, we’re all big sports fans around these parts, and every year, once football season ends, and the Redskins’ season goes up in flames in some new and spectacular fashion, our attention turns to college basketball. As always, Lieutenant Princess is the actual sports fan. She can tell you all about the three-man pick and slam offensive hurry-up defense or whatever. But me? I don’t know any of that; I’m just the insanely competitive one. The only things I care about around this time of year are filling out brackets and taking my friends’ money. I suppose that’s the incentive I need to watch every game (while jumping up and down on my coffeetable and screaming at the television, naturally), but we’re all different.

Now, this year, I’m going into the tournament the defending champion of our pool, The Suzanne Sugarbracket. (If you could send your good vibes Kansas’ way, I’d be much obliged!) And after I win again this year, I’d like to do something a little different for my fellow competitors. Something gentlemanly. Something a little classier, perhaps, than that to which my friends and loved ones have become accustomed (e.g. jumping up on a barstool, with the whoo-hooing, and the pointing, and the “IN YOUR FACE!!!”-ing, etc.). I’m thinking maybe… a thank you note!

And wouldn’t you know it? Conveniently, that brings us to this week’s favorite thing. So without any further ado, may I present:


As I’m sure you discerned from the beginning of this post, clearly, I often forget my manners. And that’s why everything about this is a dream come true for me, and perfect for the scatterbrained caveman in your life. I mean just take a gander at everything it comes with:

  • 12 letterpress cards and envelopes (3 “Thank You,” 3 “Happy Birthday,” 2 “Thinking of You,” 2 “Blank Correspondence Cards,” 1 “Congratulations” and 1 “Love You”).
  • Access to an online personal event reminder system with customizable email and text message reminders.
  • Matching envelopes with postage included for 4 cards.
  • Copy of A Forgetful Gentleman’s Guide to Articulate Writing.
  • 100% cotton paper from the same 15th century Italian paper mill that produced Napoleon’s wedding invitations and Picasso’s art paper.

But the best part is that, even though sometimes writing thank you notes, and non-Facebook birthday wishes can be a time-consuming pain in the you-know-what, Forgetful Gentleman’s stationery is so elegant, sophisticated, and cool that you end up wanting to use it all the time. Finally, after almost three decades, I’m the cool, masculine adult of my dreams! On paper at least… Plus, if you don’t know what to say, they’ve got a handy book of tips; there’s this awesome little blue planner to keep you organized. They’ll even personalize your stationery, if you ask them nicely. And then give them money. Simply put, Forgetful Gentleman is a one stop shop for all sorts of handsome products that are sure to keep you or your man organized, and, more importantly, looking really, really hot. (Priorities, people!)

For more about Forgetful Gentleman, head over this way. Plus, look for them on Ella & Boss, coming soon!

Until next time! Go Jayhawks!

Our Favorite Things: Paris Oval Sconce by Niermann Weeks

March 8, 2011

Happy Tuesday, friends! Resident male at your service, and welcome, as always, to Ella & Blog. Well, I’ve really got to hand it to that little groundhog fellow, because (and I don’t mean to jinx it) here in DC we’re officially rockin’ a pretty sweet early spring situation! Good job, Phil! Consider those groundhog meat sandwich plans shelved permanently. (Or at least until next winter…)

And how sweet spring is! Now that the Darth Winter is finally starting to relax its cold, gray, paralyzing death grip, all of us at E&B are finally free to engage in all of our favorite springtime activities. You know… like skipping hand-in-hand through the jonquil fields, de-gnoming our gardens, and, of course, coming up with restaurant ideas that are, like, 10,000% better than any of those jokers on “America’s Next Great Restaurant.” (I mean, really, Meltworks guy? Mass-produced, overpriced “gourmet” grilled cheese sandwiches? Pshaw!)

But when we’re not doing any of those things, we’re… doing our jobs! For you! Hooray! So here’s our latest favorite thing! Ladies and germs, may I present…


Back before my introduction to the world of design, on the rare occasion my mind drifted over to the subject of sconces, I think they used to always remind me of medieval castles. Or, more likely, British bakery treats. I don’t know why. Probably because I’m a little dim. (RIMSHOT!) (Sorry.) I guess I mean that I thought that sconces, while delicious, were perhaps a little stuffy, or old-fashioned. What I’ve come to learn, however, is that sconces can be a thoroughly modern, unique and unexpected way to light your space. And ward off dragons. Take the Paris Oval Sconce by Niermann Weeks, for example. This gorgeous, versatile piece compliments just about any space, from the most traditional room to the most contemporary. Plus, the expertly antiqued glass enhances the light and provides a bright, beautiful, warm glow. Like all of Niermann Weeks’ pieces, the Paris Oval Sconce is stunning and incredibly well-made, so it doesn’t come cheap. If you’re willing and able, however, it’s a classic piece that will last forever and never go out of style!

For more about the Paris Oval Sconce and all things NW, feel free to drop us a line anytime!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go out and enjoy this beautiful, budding spring! Until next time, everybody!