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‘Tis the Season… For 40% Off!

January 24, 2013

wintersigngradedHi hi, everybody! RM, here once again! By now, I’m sure you’re pretty much over your holiday hangover, but doesn’t it always seem like there’s still work to be done? A present you missed, perhaps? The mountains of thank you notes you still need to write? Or the startling realization that in the midst of your insane holiday shopping reverie, you somehow never managed to get anything for yourself?!!! Quelle horror!!!

Well, don’t fret, gentlepeople, because Ella & Boss is here to help! Next week, we’ll be heading up to the New York International Gift Fair to find the latest and greatest, so that means, for a limited time, we’re offering 40% off some of our most popular items (while supplies last of course)! Elegant frames by Bright Ideas, sensational bath products by Lady Primrose, our entire selection of sophisticated stationery, and so much more! And it’s all priced to move, so don’t be shy!!! It’s just our way of thanking all of you, our loyal customers and readers for the greatest, busiest holiday season we’ve ever had! You guys rock! And have excellent taste, by the way…

So if you need something special and don’t feel the need to open up a new line of credit to get it, come on down to our flagship store here in McLean, or head on over to our sale page and check out what we’ve got! I promise you won’t be disappointed! And, of course, stay tuned for more news, tips and tricks, and amazing new products and gadgets for your home, office, life, etc.

Click here for incredible savings!!!

Click here for incredible savings!!!

Hope you love it! And stay warm!!!! Until next time! RM, out! XO


Happy Holidaze from Our Winter Punderland!!!

December 4, 2012

Hey hey, everybody! It’s your boy, Resident Male, back again to spread a little holiday cheer across the internets! Hope the afternoon finds you well! Now I know it’s been a long time, and I shouldn’t have left you without some dope links to click on, but my goodness! It’s been a crazy whirlwind of activity over here. I know I say that every time I go away for a while, but for real this time! We’ve got lots of news, and I guess the biggest news of all is this…



About a month ago, we learned that a beautiful retail space was open on the first floor of our building. So we looked around and thought, “Hey, we’ve got all this inventory and there’s enough office space down there for our interior design purposes… Let’s open a store!” So our Intrepid Leader gathered the troops and a week later we opened a grand spanking new store just in time for the holiday shopping season! It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!! So if at any point you realize that you haven’t been outside in two weeks, thanks to all the internet shopping, and feel like a breath of fresh air and some actual human contact, or you love Ella & Boss and want to meet all of our wares in person (they’re very friendly btw!), or you find yourself lost and giftless in McLean, Virgina and driving to Tyson’s Corner seems like diving headfirst into the seventh circle of the inferno (which it kind of is, even when it’s not the holidays), then stop on by! We’d love to see your smiling face and shower you with iPhone cases and scented candles! (It’s much more pleasant and less injurious than it sounds. I promise!)

But I know many of you faithful fans and dear readers are spread across the country, and therefore can’t come visit in person. So thank goodness for good ol’ E&B, now your one stop, 24/7 shop for all your holiday decorating and gift-giving needs. Our holiday store is now open for business, and we’ve got a ton of cool ornaments, candles, and serving pieces that will make your holiday party the most smashing success of the season. Stick with us, and if people don’t say exclusively nice things about your party behind your back this year, I’ll eat my hat! Check out, in no particular order, our top 5 holiday items for 2012!!! (more…)

It’s Horn-Tootin’ Time!!!

August 8, 2012

Hey guys! We’re back from the ATL, and, not to worry, we have a bunch of stories and pics to share! More importantly, of course, we have lots of wonderful new products that we’re stoked to roll out in the coming days and weeks!!! But before all that, if you’ll indulge us, we just need a minute, because we’ve just received an awesome surprise that we absolutely have to share with you, and we’re as excited as an Olympic rower on the medal stand!!!

Ready? Now… I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I’m afraid that, as of this morning, we are officially the “award-winning” Ella & Boss!!! Please be sure to address us as such in the future. Just playin’, but we would like to thank the Academy…

OK. OK. What are you talking about, Resident Male? Well, apparently the good folks over at Plush Marketing, who took this entire E&B idea and turned into an actual thing, entered little ol’ us in the Best E-Commerce Website category at the Interactive Media Awards in NYC, where we won best in class, and THEN the judges liked us so much we won the Best Architecture/Interior Design category as well! WOOT! So we really do have to thank Nick and Steve and everyone over at Plush for making this all happen and congratulate them so much for receiving the recognition they deserve for their beautiful design work. Also, thank you to the judges at the IMAs for voting for us, and all of you for standing by us and supporting us through that first rocky year, then the massive ground-up re-design, and finally our fantastically successful relaunch! There’s no way we’d be able to do anything at all without you, our wonderful family, friends, and fans! Kisses!

For more info about our stunning victory, check out the IMA website here. (Sorry, Suckerberg! Apparently, we run the internet now!)

Thanks again, everybody! Stay tuned for more excitement coming soon. I think I feel a summer sale coming on…. RM, out! XO

It’s Officially Official…

January 10, 2012

Hey hey, everybody! First off, all of us here at Ella & Boss would just like to extend each and every one of you our belated Season’s Greetings, and we hope you all are enjoying the heck out of this brand new year. Of course, we’d have said that weeks ago, but as usual things have been a little insane around these parts. Good insane, but insane nonetheless. Turns out that “soft launch” thing I was talking about last time? Yeah… Not to sound too braggadocious, but it turns out that whole thing was attached to a rocket which immediately shot straight towards the stratosphere at like 5,000 mph! Which brings me to my point:

Yes, friends, get excited! At long last, the brand new is up, running and fully operational!

Well, OK, you’re right. technically we’ve been up and running for a few weeks now while we worked out the kinks, as evidenced from my last post. And wouldn’t you know it? People around the country from Maryland to California have actually found us, and we’ve been working our tails off for the last few weeks fulfilling orders! How is that possible? As luck would have it, unbeknownst to us, one of our favorite things – the Shaved Shagreen iPhone 4 Case by Vivo Studios – was featured in Elle Decor and House Beautiful like a day or two after we went live, and all of a sudden the orders came rolling in like a stampede! (I feel like there’s a Broncos/Tebow joke in there somewhere, but I need a little more coffee to get at it…) Which is super exciting, of course! But now it’s time to really start getting the word out about our awesome website and all of our fabulous products!

So now that we’re back and in full effect, please bookmark this page or put it in your GooGoo Readers, or whatever you kids do nowadays, and check back with us often. We’re adding exciting new products to the site every day, so this is the place to get the latest news about our hottest new toys, and you never know… There might be a few bargains and promotions every now and again just for you, our loyal readers, followers and friends! And please feel free to leave us any feedback you’ve got in the comments – good or bad. We’re committed to making E&B the fun, easy, elegant, and affordable design site of your dreams! Anything we can do to improve your shopping experience is a-ok with us. In the meantime, thank you all so much for your patience and support. It means the world to us!

…Aaaand here’s the skinny on this week’s featured product:

Vintage-Inspired Matchboxes by JM Piers

Nothing says comfort and joy quite like putting a few logs in the fireplace, snuggling up on the couch, and warming up by a crackling fire. But how do you think I go about lighting that fire? By throwing a couple of cardboard matches from the 7-11 at it? Come on! Everything we do around here is effortlessly elegant! And it’s all about the details folks, so on my mantle, lives one of these cute little matchboxes, courtesy of JM Piers. For me, these charming, stylish boxes harken back to that time when folks like Bogey and Bacall did everything – even lighting the fireplace, I’d imagine – in such an easy, graceful, almost painfully cool fashion, but the variety of fun colors and patterns give them a thoroughly modern edge. Plus, having something in your house that says to your guests, “Not to humblebrag or anything, but I’m kind of the modern equivalent of Katharine Hepburn or Cary Grant. It’s just my cross to bear…” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right? If you’re in the market for a gift, maybe one of these bad boys, along with a nice candle? It makes a fantastic, and original gift for just about any occasion. Plus, you get a box of nice, sturdy wooden matches on us. Hard to argue with that! Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m late for dinner with Dean and Frank and rest of the boys…

It could be yours! If you’d like one of your very own, or just a little more info perhaps, check it out on Ella & Boss by clicking this!

Until next time! Resident male, out! XO

Down to the Wire(frame)

March 1, 2011

Good morrow, everyone! Resident male here once again with some very exciting news!!!

As most everybody who follows us knows, for the last few weeks, we’ve been revamping our mothership site (as in the one where you can actually buy stuff) with the help of the fine folks over at Plush Real Estate Media. A few posts ago, I promised to periodically update you on our progress. Well, today there’s been a development, and we’re super excited, because we received a proposal for the homepage layout – a skeleton, if you will – that all of us quite like! But it’s important to us that you’re into it too, so we thought we’d share. Won’t you come collaborate with us?

Now, keep in mind that this is just about the foundation. It isn’t about colors or fonts; all that will come later. (Though if you have any thoughts about that too, feel free to let us know.) What do you think?

Questions? Comments? Anything missing that you’d like to see? Send us an email or sound off in the comments!

Thanks, everybody! Very exciting!

Renovation is the Spice of Life

October 14, 2010

Guten Tag, everyone! Resident Male here! I hope this gross, rainy afternoon finds all of you well! But how does this gross, rainy afternoon find me, you ask? Forloooorn! And I imagine many of you in the DC area today may be feeling the same way. Goodness, look out that window! Darkness! Rain! Wind! Cold! It’s enough to make you run into a cave and hide out until next spring! But, enough of that! I refuse to let any of us give in to these doldrums! Yes, it may be bleak and frigid outside, but not in our hearts. So let us rejoice for Ella & Boss has some super exciting news to share!

By the way, how’s your cave looking these days…?

Anyway, big news! I’ll start at the very beginning for the newcomers. Once upon a time, there was a design firm in DC called Elements of Design (which still totally exists, by the way. Give us a ring!). And it was there in a fabulous lair, two miles above the surface of Georgetown, that Pam, our intrepid leader, Lindsay, our fearless Lieutenant Princess, and, of course, your favorite Resident Male, would spend days, sometimes weeks, on end, devising novel ways to bring the most exciting, innovative, aesthetically pleasing interior design to our many wonderful clients. But something was missing. Why should luxurious, high-end design be something only the wealthy can afford? All it takes is a few gorgeous, well-placed pieces and the lowliest studio becomes the swankiest penthouse in town.

How do we bring our brand of affordable elegance to the masses?

…And, last winter, from that tiny seed of a question, grew the mighty Ella & Boss, the internet’s one stop shop for fun, exciting, versatile home accents that have the power to take any boring old house and transform it into a sophisticated, yet comfortable, home. No matter your budget, at Ella & Boss, you’ll always be able to find something that will make stop and smile and say, “It’s good to be home.”

But, that said, the way the site looks and operates as it is right now… Well… It’s not ideal. Am I right?

I mean don’t get me wrong, we love E&B. Love it! But kind of the way you love your socially-awkward thirteen-year-old son who talks back, and has bad skin, and hasn’t discovered the whole deodorant thing yet. It’s tough is all I’m sayin’. So to get us through this little awkward phase, we’ve called in a team of some of the best graphic designers in the country to take E&B to the next level. Sleek. Streamlined. Modern. Eclectic. And best of all, tons and tons and tons of brand new products at the best prices, updated all the time. With this redesign, we want to take E&B and make it the site we’ve always known it could be, and the site that you, our loyal readers and customers, deserve.

So in the coming weeks and months, don’t be surprised if you should head to the mothership and find a page that says “Under Construction.” We may be down, but we’re not out by a longshot. Look for the brand new Ella & Boss coming soon!

But until then, be sure to check back here often for more tricks of the trade, favorite products and, of course, redesign updates! Oh, and you can also follow us on the Twitter and the Facebook and the Youtubes! I always forget to say that! We’re designing all over the internet!

Resident Male, signing off! Ciao!

We’re Baaaaaack…

September 9, 2010

(Seriously, this time!)

Hello babies! Resident male back with you once again, hoping you had the most delightful and relaxing of summers! Please let me officially welcome you back to Ella & Blog, your source for all the latest and greatest in design tips and tricks from actual, working design professionals… And me! ­čÖé

I know we’ve been away for a while. After such a hectic winter and spring spent setting up the site, moving to our new suite of offices, hosting events, working with new clients, etc. etc., all of us here at E&B needed some time off to chill out! To travel, and explore, and clear out all those musty old mental cobwebs. But we missed you all too much, and all that eating and praying and loving got boring (just like the movie – hey yo!), so we came running back and now we’re ready to take on all your toughest design challenges. Got a question for us? Nothing is too small or too big, so drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help out however we can. And in the meantime, we’ll be here showcasing our new favorite products and ideas designed to make your space as functional and fabulous as humanly possible!

Also, we’re very excited to announce that in the very near future, we’ll be overhauling our flagship site, in order to make your shopping experience even easier and, of course, so we can offer you a greater variety of products (at even better prices!). Stay tuned for more news on that in the coming weeks!

Temperatures outside may be cooling off, but things here at E&B are just heating up! It’s good to be home.

Back in a flash!

Thank You, CharityWorks!

June 21, 2010

Le Dragon by L'Objet. One of the items up for bid in this year's silent auction at the Charity Works gala this October.

All of us here at Elements of Design and Ella & Boss just want to take a moment to send a quick thank you to everyone who attended the CharityWorks’ Annual Members’ Meeting at our new showroom in McLean! We hope you had as much fun as we did! Also, a special thank you to all of you who helped organize the event and donated items to the┬ásilent auction for this year’s gala, which takes place on October 2nd at the National Building Museum. CharityWorks is a wonderful organization that has helped so many people here in DC and all over the country for many years. This year, their mission is to help the families of injured veterans and to combat poverty here in the DC area. From their website:

CharityWorks is the bridge between donors and charities. In 2010, we turn our attention once again to helping military families manage the challenges that come with catastrophic combat injuries– while also providing much-needed support to a local organization fighting the war on poverty here at home.

For so many years, the folks at CharityWorks have done so much to strengthen our community and we all feel honored that we could help in some small way. If you haven’t done so, and have a moment, please check out their website and get involved!

We’re Famous!!!

May 10, 2010

Well, OK. Maybe not quite yet, but we do have some exciting news! Now, admittedly, we’re a little late on the snap with this, but a few weeks ago, the good folks at Niermann Weeks were kind enough to do a little piece on their blog about us. The post even includes pictures of a few beautiful rooms designed by our intrepid leader which, naturally, feature their products (which we love). So go on over to the Niermann Weeks blog and check us out!

UPDATE: Also, a few days ago we got a really lovely review from Annliese Scott of Chesapeake Home Magazine! This is all so exciting! We’re blushing! Check out her really kind, awesome article here:

Thanks for the shout-out, guys!!! Much love!

Breaking Elements News!

February 16, 2010

Morning, everyone! Well, it took a week and a half, but we’ve finally made it out from under the Snowpocalypse! Thank goodness! Now, don’t get me wrong. Unexpected weeklong vacations are the bomb, but it’s so nice to be back with all of you. I never thought there would be a limit to the number of “Law & Order” reruns a man could take, but I was wrong. So very wrong…

But enough about me! On with the show! In an earlier post, I mentioned that Ella&Boss is the new online offshoot of a humble (yet exceedingly fabulous) interior design firm here in DC called Elements of Design. Well, Elements is still very much in business and when we’re not reaching through the computer to rearrange your stuff, we still make house calls! Here’s our new print ad, featuring some beautiful work by our intrepid leader, Pam. What do you think?

Stay warm, everybody!