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Effortlessly Elegant Entertaining Elevated!

April 19, 2013

Hey hey, everybody! It’s getting to be that time of year when all you want to do is be outside all day, every day, right? (Don’t worry, our Midwestern friends, it’ll happen soon!) Well, take your next picnic or outdoor party to the next level with this brand-spanking-new line of casually chic dinnerware, stemware and drinkware from legendary designer, Michael Aram.

MADHOUSE by Michael Aram was created to reflect the way you entertain today. No matter how casual or formal the environment, you want ease and comfort without sacrificing style, elegance and detail. MADHOUSE brings Michael’s creative innovation to even the most relaxed moments in your lives…because every entertaining moment should make a statement.

Check out a quick preview of the fabulous new line!

Translucent Black Melon Wine Goblet - $13.95

Translucent Black Melon Wine Goblet – $13.95

Translucent Black Twig Cutlery Set - $5.95

Translucent Black Twig Cutlery Set – $5.95

Black Orchid 11" Melamine Dinner Plate - $15.95

Black Orchid 11″ Melamine Dinner Plate – $15.95

Fig Leaf 11" Melamine Dinner Plate - $17.95

Fig Leaf 11″ Melamine Dinner Plate – $17.95

Black Orchid Beverage Napkins (Set/24) - $5.95

Black Orchid Beverage Napkins (Set/24) – $5.95

Fig Leaf Melamine Serving Tray - $49.95

Fig Leaf Melamine Serving Tray – $49.95


They’re all pieces that are tough and durable enough for use outside, but so elegant and sophisticated, you’ll want to use them all inside too! And the best part? There’s so much more! Head on over to the MADHOUSE by Michael Aram page at Ella & Boss, and get your shop on right now!

Have an amazing weekend!!! XO










Endless Summer Sale Extended!!!

October 12, 2012

Hey hey, everybody! RM here, once again! Hope you are enjoying this lovely Friday afternoon! Now, I think we can all agree that Friday is the best day of the week, right? It’s the end of the workweek! Time to put your feet up and relax! And, of course, the best part? Friday night and all the fun, friends and frivolity that can bring! Well, before you all cut out to enjoy your Friday night plans, I just wanted to plant a little seed in your mind by clueing you into some big news! Remember that end-of-summer sale I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, guess what?

It’s been extended!!!

And, what’s more, prices have been slashed even further!

SALE EXTENDED!!! Click here!

For a limited time, you can now take a whopping 40% off some of our greatest hits! Need a great gift? Want to spruce up a room? This weekend is the perfect time to get everything you need (and maybe one or two things you want as well), and get a great deal at the same time! So what are you waiting for? Hop to it, folks! It’s time to indulge in a little effortless elegance, and prices like this aren’t gonna be around forever! Get something gorgeous for your home right this very second, and an incredible bargain!

OK. Happy shopping, everybody!!! And have a great weekend! -XO

It’s Atlanta Gift Show Week!

July 9, 2012

Hey hey, everybody! It’s your old pal, RM! I hope you all had a lovely July 4th holiday, and I hope you’re having a lovely summer in general! (Heat wave notwithstanding, of course. Are you surviving this? I’m just wondering when exactly Earth turned into Mercury, you know?) Well, summertime is one of our favorite times of year around here for myriad reasons, but the thing that has made us positively giddy for the past few years is that week in July when we get to get on one those shiny metal birds, and head South to the annual Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market. Are you familiar? Well, if not, it’s basically a GINORMOUS convention where vendors from around the world come to show off all the latest and greatest ideas and products for your home. And we’re talking any and everything your could ever want from furniture to lighting to accessories to dancing animal speakers (hint) to shagreen iPhone cases (double hint) to things you’d never even imagine. This is the show where all the great designers and inventors and entrepreneurs collide, and of course, since our mission is to find the latest and greatest designs and bring them to you, we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

We’ll be heading down to the ATL for the big show this Thursday morning, and guess what? We want to you to join us. So check back here for updates on all the cool stuff we find, and feel free to let us know in the comments what you think, and what sort of stuff you want to see. In the meantime, riddle us this:

See you in Hotlanta! RM, out! -XO

“Puchi”‘s Got Something To Say

February 13, 2012

Hey hey, everybody! RM, here with some exciting news! First off, we’d just like to thank you all for your support! Business has been steady so far, and feedback has been positive, so we’d all just like to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for stopping by and checking us out! And, of course, for telling all your friends!

Now, as all of you E&B-heads out there know, our mission is to always be on the lookout for awesome new stuff that makes your life easier, prettier and more comfortable. We do the shopping, so you don’t have to and all that jazz. Well, have we made a discovery for you! Recently, we headed up to the Big Apple for the NY International Gift Show, a humungous showcase in the Javits Center for furniture, lighting, and home accessory designers from around the globe to introduce all their latest and greatest designs and innovations. Naturally, we were running around like kids on a Pixie Stix bender, and came away with so many incredible new products and ideas that we’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks and months.

Today, we want to introduce you to one of our new faves now available at Ella & Boss. You’ve probably been wondering feverishly about the latest technology in bathroom towels. (Duh. Who doesn’t?) Well, fret no longer, we found a company from Japan called Morihata, who dazzled us with a new towel that’s not only supremely soft and functional, but also just looks really, really cool! Ladies and gents, the PUCHI PUCHI TOWEL!!!












I know that “Puchi” sounds like something you want to shoot into space, namely this guy. In Japanese, however, “Puchi Puchi” means bubble wrap, and in this particular case, also refers to a line of fabulous, super-soft, lightweight guest, face and bath towels. Now, you’re probably thinking we’ve lost our minds. The idea of drying off with plastic babble wrap after a shower is after all rather strange, I know. But it’s an entirely different story when the idea of bubble wrap is applied to terry cloth. Not only do these modern, one-of-a-kind towels just look fresh and modern hanging out in your bath, but their unique, distinctive texture is designed to provide you with maximum fluffiness and absorbency. Each of the three available colors fits easily into any bathroom decor, and each comes in three different sizes: Bath (24.75″ x 50″), Face (13.75″ x 31″) and Guest (13.75″ x 13.75″). So go ahead and pick up a set or two or feel free to mix and match. Any you choose are guaranteed to make sure you and your guests always end your bathroom routine in a state of comfy, cozy nirvana!

So there you have it! As of this afternoon, the Puchi Puchi Towel is popping 24/7 over at E&B. Be sure to race over and pick up a few of your very own today!

Thanks and have a fantastic afternoon everybody!!! XO -RM

Designer’s Block

April 14, 2011

Afternoon, everybody! Resident male here, and welcome back, friends, to Ella&Blog!

That's about right...

So as I’m sure all of you folks in the creative arts can attest, from time to time you find yourself in a slump. It’s like sometimes you put that pen to paper, or you dip that brush in the paint, and, despite your best efforts, nothing comes out. Like you’re calling on the muse, but she’s out back smoking a cigarette all, “Dude, don’t even…” Well, this sort of thing happens to interior designers too. We take our inspiration from all sorts of places: nature, fashion, art, music, architecture, history, etc. But every now and again, even with this wide breadth of knowledge up in your little noggin, you take a look at a space, and it’s like, “…” which I’m sure you can imagine is extremely frustrating, and more than a little frightening.

Recently, our intrepid leader and I fell into a creative funk at the same time. Maybe it was our shared, unabiding and well-documented hatred of winter? Who knows? But for a couple weeks there, we’d both just be standing there in our resource library like, “Yeah, I’ve got nothing.” Luckily, we’ve both taken numerous writing classes and art classes over the years, so we both know that the trick to finding your mojo again is not pressuring yourself. In fact, it’s just the opposite. What you’ve got to do is take whatever you’re working on, put it in a drawer, and go pursue something else that interests you for a little while. So we made a deal. Both of us have artistic passions that we’ve had on the backburner for a spell. She loves to paint; I used to write a lot of music. So we agreed that if she were to go work on a new painting, then I’d pick up my guitar and my laptop, we’d work on those for a little while, and then we’d reconvene.

Well, here’s the thing about our interpid leader: girlfriend is talented and works fast. We were talking about this like late last week, right? And almost immediately she hops in her car, drives out to the country, and, from the banks of the Rappahanock, creates this lovely, tranquil sunrise, which she’d like to share!

Gorgeous, right? I love how she did the water! But I guess that means I better get on the ball and finish my composition! Luckily, however, just the simple act of playing around with something new – putting new beats together, playing different instruments, writing new melodies – has already got me feeling invigorated and rejuvenated, and ready to tackle our design projects with a renewed sense of purpose! And just in time for spring!

How about you? Do you have any tips or tricks when you find yourself in a creative slump? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Until next time!

Great Bargains: Prisca Mirror by Uttermost

April 7, 2011

More on this in a sec...

Afternoon, ladies and gents! Resident male here once again, welcoming you back to Ella & Blog!

Well, it’s Thursday, which means we all deserve a hearty congratulations for almost making it through to the weekend. (Not that it was all that hard, what with all the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in DC.) So this week, I thought maybe we’d do something a little different. You know how we love to give you guys a heads up on our favorite things every week? Well, this week, we thought we’d showcase one of our favorite things that also happens to be one the most amazing bargains we’ve found in a while. And something that you will soon be able to purchase on Ella&Boss, of course. But first, since I’m me, a tangent! (And there’s a point, I promise!)

You see, personally, I’m a little extra excited it’s Thursday, because as any red-blooded American 13-year-old girl (or I) could tell you, Thursday also means that, after a long week of geometry tests and cafeteria shunning, tonight we get to stop for a moment and breathe a deep, collective sigh of relief. To contemplate what we’ve learned this week, who we’ve become, and who we ultimately want to be. And then, finally, to take who we once were in one last bittersweet embrace and send it on its way, content that our new path forward is the right way home, awash in the simple, exquisite relief of letting go. Or, in laymen’s terms, tonight we get to sit back for an hour with a glass of wine, and watch the hammer come down on America’s favorite guilty pleasure. Yes, sir or madame, I speak of our great nation’s own musical Hunger Game, American Idol!

Have you been watching this season? Sadly, I have, and I honestly don’t know why. Every year, I declare to everyone within earshot that I’m not going to watch it, knowing full well I’ll eventually cave. But why do I bother to make this futile pledge? For reasons too many count. First, because it’s awful, and because I’m allergic to bad karaoke. Because I hate the naked avarice and the insulting, lowest common denominator approach of the modern pop music industrial complex. (Oh, hello, inner college sophomore!) Because Randy Jackson is quite possibly the most inane, vacuous, obnoxious person on the fact of the planet, and when he speaks, you can feel your brain start to liquefy. Oh, and Seacrest. The heady, confounding mixture of fake personalities, and sexual orientations, and blindingly white teeth that is Seacrest.

In other words, I know it’s all so very unhealthy. I know this. But then it gets down to the semi-finals, and I figure, “Well, let’s just tune in once and see what all the fuss is about,” and immediately I’m hooked. The bombast! The desperation! The schadenfreude! All the little Katnisses and Peetas stomping across the stage in their Forever 21 best, shouting off-key Elton John songs at each other… TO THE DEATH! And now with Steven Tyler and J. Lo on the judging panel? Attempting to talk with any sort of authority on what the contestants can do to improve their singing ability? Come on. It’s pretty funny. They might as well change the title to “America’s Fun Time Irony Hour.” Like I always picture Music rolling its eyes, and floating down from the heavens all, “Really, Jennifer? You really want to have this argument right now? Ok…”

It’s so hypnotizing and addictive and sparkly, like passing a five unicorn pile-up on the side of the road. No, I’m not proud of myself, but it is what it is: Pure entertainment! (Go, Casey Abrams, you cute little lesser evil, you!)

But you’re probably wondering why I’m taking a blowtorch to my credibility, and talking about this silly, little television show. Well, a few weeks ago I was totally not stalking the contestants on the interwebs. And while I was not doing that, I definitely did not find a virtual tour of the mansion in which the contestants are staying. However, if I had done either of those things, I would have found something in the great room, which immediately caught my eye:

See that mirror behind the lamp? It’s not a great shot, but that happens to be one of our favorite mirrors in the world. It’s made by a very, very high-end company called Holly Hunt, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s a gorgeous etched, antiqued mirror inside a handsome silver leaf finished frame with black undertones. A perfect, elegant addition to any space. And best of all, at 68″ across, it’s humungous, and as we’ve discussed, huge mirrors are a great way to fill up vacant wall space and create the illusion of a larger room. The only rub? It costs like $20,000 or something insane like that! (It’s always something, right?)

Well, what if I told you that you could have the exact same mirror for a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing any of the quality? And, no, I’m not talking about like 1/4. Seriously, I’m talking like a teeny tiny fraction. Ladies and germs, may I introduce:


Like the Holly Hunt mirror, the Prisca is enormous, and features an etched, antiqued mirror with four matching rosettes, inside a distressed silver leaf finished frame. And if you’re like most people and don’t really think it’s wise to take a second mortgage on your house in order to spruce up your living room, it’s an incredibly affordable way to bring a touch of sophistication and old Hollywood glamour into any space. Be sure to look out for it when Ella&Boss relaunches soon!

For more on the Prisca mirror, or for more of my thoughts on this year’s crop of Idols (I know you’re dying to hear all about how violently creeped out I am by Paul McDonald), drop us an email or leave us a comment!

Resident male out!

How Does Your Garden Grow? (UPDATED)

April 1, 2011

Happy Friday, my little April Fools!

It seems that spring has finally started the glacially slow springing process, and in DC that only means one thing: cherry blossoms! Well, OK, cherry blossoms that any true Washingtonian avoids like the plague on account of all the tourists, but you get the idea. Pretty, pretty flowers busting out all over! Today, we were lucky enough to spend some time in the lovely garden of our intrepid leader, watching the little buds come into bloom. True, there weren’t any cherry blossoms (though, knowing our intrepid leader, she could probably get them if she wanted them!), but there was more than enough vernal loveliness to get a nice Spring Buzz going. Here are a few pics:

Baby tulip's first spring!


Spring is in the buildings!

What about you, guys? Any good gardening tips? What are you most excited to do this spring? Let us know in the comments!

See you next time! Have a fun weekend!!!

Spools Rush In – Episode 2: Why Sew Serious?

March 29, 2011

Happy Tuesday, folks! Lieutenant Princess is back with a quick installment of “Spools Rush In,” which, according to my notes, is either a shocking glimpse into the shady, underhanded goings-on behind the curtain on “Project Runway” (alternate title: “No Thank You, Mood!”), or her series about what she’s learning in her new sewing class. I’m gonna go out on a limb, and guess it’s the latter, but let’s find out together, shall we? Take it away, LP! (Oh, and by the way, yesterday was LP’s, let’s say… 19th birthday! Be sure to show her some belated birthday love!!!)

Hey, everybody! First of all, take a look at this!

That’s right. You’re not dreaming! You’re looking at my finished tote bag! Yes, there are a few wonky lines here and there and the straps could be a little longer, but whatever. Shut up! I made a tote bag! Not too shabby for a beginner, I must say. 🙂

Now that that’s through though, it’s time for us to move on the next step: patterns and a pair of pajama pants. Dun-dun-dun!

So, for those you who are unfamiliar, patterns are clothing’s building blocks, basically, and in theory, they’re pretty simple to use. First, you pin the patterns onto a piece of fabric, then you cut around them, and sew them together. Like one right front leg + one left front leg + one right back leg + one left back leg = pants!!! Easy, right? Well, in practice, not so much, since, you know, sewing is hard and I just learned what a bobbin is like two weeks ago!

Now, there are a ton of different kinds of patterns. As many different kinds as there are articles of clothing, really. Advanced sewers can make patterns from the clothes off of their backs (show-offs!), but us newbies learn from picking out pre-fab patterns. I’m not really sure what I thought picking and using these patterns would be like, but I can tell you that I didn’t think it would be like learning the Dewey Decimal System all over again. First, you go to a magazine and pick something out, and then get the number of the pattern you need, and then you go to the pattern catalogue and search through the drawers… It’s surprisingly involved! But in the end, if you’re lucky, you’re like me, and you’ve got a nearly-completed pair of bright purple pj’s! And once I get the elastic waistband in, I promise I’ll make Resident Male model them sad-Etsy-boyfriend style! [“I don’t think Etsy’s ready for this jelly!” -RM]

Tonight, is our final class, and I’m so excited to continue on to the next level. Look out for my fabulous line of pillows and throws on Ella & Boss someday!

Stay tuned for the season finale!

Spools Rush In – Episode 1: How Unseamly!

March 14, 2011

Happy Monday, folks! Lieutenant Princess is back with a quick installment of “Spools Rush In,” which, according to my notes, is either an investigation into that weird basement where all the American Apparel models live, and are forced to subsist on nothing but shag carpeting and tube socks and leotards, or her new series about what’s she’s learning in her new sewing class. I’m gonna go out on a limb, and guess it’s the latter, but let’s find out together, shall we? Take it away, LP!

Hey, everyone! So my friend and I are now two classes deep at G Street Fabrics and, so far, it’s going pretty great. I think that, even though we were both really excited going into this, neither of us really had any idea what to expect. But our teacher and our classmates have been really kind and helpful, and that’s really helped our confidence grow. I have a feeling we just might be totally awesome sewers some day! (As in, “One who sews,” not the other- Oh, nevermind.)

As expected, our very first challenge was threading the machine, which was easy enough once my beginner brain was able to translate the teacher’s instructions, “Through here, through there, down and around, U-turn [U-turn?!!!], through there, and done!” into something… somewhat intelligible. I mean it takes this skinny, little woman like 30 seconds to thread a sewing machine! It’s ridiculous! But she’s funny, because after maybe the third or fourth demonstration, with the whole class still all slack-jawed and confused, beating the machines with our fists, she just had this resigned look on her face like, “Another bunch of idiots, huh?” But I’m joking around. She’s pretty cool, and I think we got through it alright. Well enough, at least, that she came up to us after class and said that we’d done a good job, and she had a feeling we were going to make some really cool stuff by the end of the class. So that was awesome! Less awesome, however, was when I was then possessed by the spirit of the Sew-ly Ghost and demanded a high-five. She was dubious, but came around eventually. Score!

The next challenge was learning to sew in a straight line, which is a surprisingly difficult thing to do. My first few stitches looked like the work of a kindergartner after 12 Pixie Stix and, like, soooo much crack. BUT! By the end of class, I got a lot better and I’m even almost done with an actual thing! Look!

My Waterproof Tote Bag!

Next up, pajama pants! And a finished tote bag, of course! Can’t wait!

Have you taken a sewing class? What did you find most difficult? Any tips or tricks? Let me know in the comments! And for more info on the class I’m taking, head this way…

Until the next episode!

Our Favorite Things: Paris Oval Sconce by Niermann Weeks

March 8, 2011

Happy Tuesday, friends! Resident male at your service, and welcome, as always, to Ella & Blog. Well, I’ve really got to hand it to that little groundhog fellow, because (and I don’t mean to jinx it) here in DC we’re officially rockin’ a pretty sweet early spring situation! Good job, Phil! Consider those groundhog meat sandwich plans shelved permanently. (Or at least until next winter…)

And how sweet spring is! Now that the Darth Winter is finally starting to relax its cold, gray, paralyzing death grip, all of us at E&B are finally free to engage in all of our favorite springtime activities. You know… like skipping hand-in-hand through the jonquil fields, de-gnoming our gardens, and, of course, coming up with restaurant ideas that are, like, 10,000% better than any of those jokers on “America’s Next Great Restaurant.” (I mean, really, Meltworks guy? Mass-produced, overpriced “gourmet” grilled cheese sandwiches? Pshaw!)

But when we’re not doing any of those things, we’re… doing our jobs! For you! Hooray! So here’s our latest favorite thing! Ladies and germs, may I present…


Back before my introduction to the world of design, on the rare occasion my mind drifted over to the subject of sconces, I think they used to always remind me of medieval castles. Or, more likely, British bakery treats. I don’t know why. Probably because I’m a little dim. (RIMSHOT!) (Sorry.) I guess I mean that I thought that sconces, while delicious, were perhaps a little stuffy, or old-fashioned. What I’ve come to learn, however, is that sconces can be a thoroughly modern, unique and unexpected way to light your space. And ward off dragons. Take the Paris Oval Sconce by Niermann Weeks, for example. This gorgeous, versatile piece compliments just about any space, from the most traditional room to the most contemporary. Plus, the expertly antiqued glass enhances the light and provides a bright, beautiful, warm glow. Like all of Niermann Weeks’ pieces, the Paris Oval Sconce is stunning and incredibly well-made, so it doesn’t come cheap. If you’re willing and able, however, it’s a classic piece that will last forever and never go out of style!

For more about the Paris Oval Sconce and all things NW, feel free to drop us a line anytime!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go out and enjoy this beautiful, budding spring! Until next time, everybody!