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Effortlessly Elegant Entertaining Elevated!

April 19, 2013

Hey hey, everybody! It’s getting to be that time of year when all you want to do is be outside all day, every day, right? (Don’t worry, our Midwestern friends, it’ll happen soon!) Well, take your next picnic or outdoor party to the next level with this brand-spanking-new line of casually chic dinnerware, stemware and drinkware from legendary designer, Michael Aram.

MADHOUSE by Michael Aram was created to reflect the way you entertain today. No matter how casual or formal the environment, you want ease and comfort without sacrificing style, elegance and detail. MADHOUSE brings Michael’s creative innovation to even the most relaxed moments in your lives…because every entertaining moment should make a statement.

Check out a quick preview of the fabulous new line!

Translucent Black Melon Wine Goblet - $13.95

Translucent Black Melon Wine Goblet – $13.95

Translucent Black Twig Cutlery Set - $5.95

Translucent Black Twig Cutlery Set – $5.95

Black Orchid 11" Melamine Dinner Plate - $15.95

Black Orchid 11″ Melamine Dinner Plate – $15.95

Fig Leaf 11" Melamine Dinner Plate - $17.95

Fig Leaf 11″ Melamine Dinner Plate – $17.95

Black Orchid Beverage Napkins (Set/24) - $5.95

Black Orchid Beverage Napkins (Set/24) – $5.95

Fig Leaf Melamine Serving Tray - $49.95

Fig Leaf Melamine Serving Tray – $49.95


They’re all pieces that are tough and durable enough for use outside, but so elegant and sophisticated, you’ll want to use them all inside too! And the best part? There’s so much more! Head on over to the MADHOUSE by Michael Aram page at Ella & Boss, and get your shop on right now!

Have an amazing weekend!!! XO










‘Tis the Season… For 40% Off!

January 24, 2013

wintersigngradedHi hi, everybody! RM, here once again! By now, I’m sure you’re pretty much over your holiday hangover, but doesn’t it always seem like there’s still work to be done? A present you missed, perhaps? The mountains of thank you notes you still need to write? Or the startling realization that in the midst of your insane holiday shopping reverie, you somehow never managed to get anything for yourself?!!! Quelle horror!!!

Well, don’t fret, gentlepeople, because Ella & Boss is here to help! Next week, we’ll be heading up to the New York International Gift Fair to find the latest and greatest, so that means, for a limited time, we’re offering 40% off some of our most popular items (while supplies last of course)! Elegant frames by Bright Ideas, sensational bath products by Lady Primrose, our entire selection of sophisticated stationery, and so much more! And it’s all priced to move, so don’t be shy!!! It’s just our way of thanking all of you, our loyal customers and readers for the greatest, busiest holiday season we’ve ever had! You guys rock! And have excellent taste, by the way…

So if you need something special and don’t feel the need to open up a new line of credit to get it, come on down to our flagship store here in McLean, or head on over to our sale page and check out what we’ve got! I promise you won’t be disappointed! And, of course, stay tuned for more news, tips and tricks, and amazing new products and gadgets for your home, office, life, etc.

Click here for incredible savings!!!

Click here for incredible savings!!!

Hope you love it! And stay warm!!!! Until next time! RM, out! XO

Happy Holidaze from Our Winter Punderland!!!

December 4, 2012

Hey hey, everybody! It’s your boy, Resident Male, back again to spread a little holiday cheer across the internets! Hope the afternoon finds you well! Now I know it’s been a long time, and I shouldn’t have left you without some dope links to click on, but my goodness! It’s been a crazy whirlwind of activity over here. I know I say that every time I go away for a while, but for real this time! We’ve got lots of news, and I guess the biggest news of all is this…



About a month ago, we learned that a beautiful retail space was open on the first floor of our building. So we looked around and thought, “Hey, we’ve got all this inventory and there’s enough office space down there for our interior design purposes… Let’s open a store!” So our Intrepid Leader gathered the troops and a week later we opened a grand spanking new store just in time for the holiday shopping season! It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!! So if at any point you realize that you haven’t been outside in two weeks, thanks to all the internet shopping, and feel like a breath of fresh air and some actual human contact, or you love Ella & Boss and want to meet all of our wares in person (they’re very friendly btw!), or you find yourself lost and giftless in McLean, Virgina and driving to Tyson’s Corner seems like diving headfirst into the seventh circle of the inferno (which it kind of is, even when it’s not the holidays), then stop on by! We’d love to see your smiling face and shower you with iPhone cases and scented candles! (It’s much more pleasant and less injurious than it sounds. I promise!)

But I know many of you faithful fans and dear readers are spread across the country, and therefore can’t come visit in person. So thank goodness for good ol’ E&B, now your one stop, 24/7 shop for all your holiday decorating and gift-giving needs. Our holiday store is now open for business, and we’ve got a ton of cool ornaments, candles, and serving pieces that will make your holiday party the most smashing success of the season. Stick with us, and if people don’t say exclusively nice things about your party behind your back this year, I’ll eat my hat! Check out, in no particular order, our top 5 holiday items for 2012!!! (more…)

Endless Summer Sale Extended!!!

October 12, 2012

Hey hey, everybody! RM here, once again! Hope you are enjoying this lovely Friday afternoon! Now, I think we can all agree that Friday is the best day of the week, right? It’s the end of the workweek! Time to put your feet up and relax! And, of course, the best part? Friday night and all the fun, friends and frivolity that can bring! Well, before you all cut out to enjoy your Friday night plans, I just wanted to plant a little seed in your mind by clueing you into some big news! Remember that end-of-summer sale I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, guess what?

It’s been extended!!!

And, what’s more, prices have been slashed even further!

SALE EXTENDED!!! Click here!

For a limited time, you can now take a whopping 40% off some of our greatest hits! Need a great gift? Want to spruce up a room? This weekend is the perfect time to get everything you need (and maybe one or two things you want as well), and get a great deal at the same time! So what are you waiting for? Hop to it, folks! It’s time to indulge in a little effortless elegance, and prices like this aren’t gonna be around forever! Get something gorgeous for your home right this very second, and an incredible bargain!

OK. Happy shopping, everybody!!! And have a great weekend! -XO

You Are The Apple Of Our Eye!

September 12, 2012

Awwwww…. I know, right? But it’s true, everybody! We love each and everyone of you here at Ella & Blog, and thank you so much for coming back and visiting us once again. And if it’s your first time, welcome new friend! We love you too, but not like in a creepy way! Like in a look at this awesome new thing we want to share with you that will make your home look awesome and smell really nice sort of way! Yes, it’s that time of the week once again. We have a new Favorite Thing!!! So ladies and germs, may I proudly present… LE POMME ROUGE CANDLE by DL & COMPANY!!!


So… Labor Day has come and gone, the afternoons are getting ever-so-slightly shorter every day, and slowly life is getting back to normal. Time to put those bikinis away and save those Bud Light Limes for another day! But I don’t mean to depress! Far from it, in fact! ‘Cuz all that means is it’s almost fall, you guys! Fall is awesome!!! I mean in my humble opinion, there’s no time of year quite as pretty as autumn. That wonderful time when those oppressive summer temperatures begin to drop, the youths head back to school and the trees start to show off their vibrant, beautiful new colors. Oh, and sweaters! I love breaking out the sweaters!


Well, now you can enjoy the fall anytime you want with this gorgeous, elegant candle from DL & Company. Nestled inside a brass-enameled, apple sculpture, it will fill your home or office with DL’s crisp and verdant Thorn Apple fragrance for up to 30 hours. It makes a wonderful hostess or housewarming gift, or perhaps, especially if you’ve got a parent-teacher conference coming up, a beautiful, thoughtful gift for the favorite teacher in your life! I’m not saying that surprising the teacher with one will definitely get Junior into Harvard, but it definitely can’t hurt!

Green – Coming soon!

It comes in two sizes (large – $79.95 and petite – $24.95), and two colors (candy apple red and rose). A third, bright green, is coming soon!!! Go check them out over Ella & Boss today and grab one of your very own!!!

Until next time! Have a happy fall, everybody! RM, out! -XO

Fix Your Service Errors!

September 6, 2012

Good morrow, ladies and gents! Welcome back to Ella & Blog, the one stop shop for news and info about your fave website! Of course, I mean the fabulous Ella & Boss! For those of you with whom I haven’t yet had the pleasure, I am, as always, your blogger-in-residence, the Resident Male. For those of you with whom I have, again, you’re welcome! 😉

Alright, now what have I got in my bag of tricks for y’all today? Well, from time to time, we like to highlight one of our favorite new items that you maybe haven’t seen yet. Today’s new favorite thing is a beautiful line of serving trays that we found the last time we were in New York City. May I present… PROVENCE PLATTERS!!!

Direct from Australia, these gorgeous serving platters are sure to be a big hit at your next party! Available in two sizes (Small – 18″ in diameter, Large – 22″) and made from the recycled ribs and end pieces of vintage French Oak wine casks, these unique and eminently useful platters will add a charming touch of rustic, Old World sophistication to any centerpiece, coffeetable or ottoman. What struck us most upon our first viewing was the elegant contrast between hard and soft in their design. The wrought iron hardware pieces, forged in Brooklyn, give each platter a certain toughness and durability; the beautiful reclaimed wood, finished to a dazzling lustre with high grade beeswax, give each platter a sense of effortless luxury. Also, the larger version comes equipped with an 18″ aluminum lazy susan to make sharing and serving your favorite recipes and snacks a snap. This is the sort of piece designed not only to impress your guests, but also to stand the test of time, while adding a touch of edgy glamour to any table. Plus, it makes a wonderful gift for any occasion!

Pick yours up today at Ella & Boss! Until next time, be well! RM, out! – XO

It’s Atlanta Gift Show Week!

July 9, 2012

Hey hey, everybody! It’s your old pal, RM! I hope you all had a lovely July 4th holiday, and I hope you’re having a lovely summer in general! (Heat wave notwithstanding, of course. Are you surviving this? I’m just wondering when exactly Earth turned into Mercury, you know?) Well, summertime is one of our favorite times of year around here for myriad reasons, but the thing that has made us positively giddy for the past few years is that week in July when we get to get on one those shiny metal birds, and head South to the annual Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market. Are you familiar? Well, if not, it’s basically a GINORMOUS convention where vendors from around the world come to show off all the latest and greatest ideas and products for your home. And we’re talking any and everything your could ever want from furniture to lighting to accessories to dancing animal speakers (hint) to shagreen iPhone cases (double hint) to things you’d never even imagine. This is the show where all the great designers and inventors and entrepreneurs collide, and of course, since our mission is to find the latest and greatest designs and bring them to you, we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

We’ll be heading down to the ATL for the big show this Thursday morning, and guess what? We want to you to join us. So check back here for updates on all the cool stuff we find, and feel free to let us know in the comments what you think, and what sort of stuff you want to see. In the meantime, riddle us this:

See you in Hotlanta! RM, out! -XO

Our Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts for 2012!

June 7, 2012

Hello, hello! Just a quick reminder that Father’s Day is right around the corner! Sunday, June 17, to be exact. So that means you’ve got a little over a week to get the big guy something special. But don’t fret if you’re blanking on great gift ideas. We are here to help! Ella & Boss has a number of awesome gifts for men that will delight Pops so much I bet he’ll forget how much he hates your good-for-nothing boyfriend, or that you could really use a haircut, hippie, or that time you totally pulled a Cameron and totaled his Ferrari! Well, maybe he’ll forget for like a week, at least. 😉

Here are our top 5 favorite Father’s Day gifts for 2012!

1. Four-Piece Chrome-Plated Shaving Kit and Stand 

I’ve found that when it comes to shaving, there are two kinds of folks: folks who love it and find it relaxing, and normal people who think it’s kind of a hassle. Clearly, I’ve spent some time in the second group, but I can tell you now that Bey-Berk’s shaving products are so lovely that shaving is a pleasure. This four-piece chrome-plated shaving kit comes with a Mach-3 Razor, a shave brush, a bowl and a stand. It’s an elegant, sophisticated piece and a perfect gift for a Dad who likes a close shave with a vintage twist. ($64.95)

2. Black Leather Watch Winder

Don’t you hate it when your watch stops at some inopportune time? It can wreak all sorts of havoc all over your life. Well, rejoice friends, because no one has to ever again suffer the indignity of missing an alarm and running into some important appointment late, sweaty, and possibly fired! How is this possible? Bey-Berk’s beautiful black leather automatic watch winder! Perfect for the stylish watch owner who appreciates great quality, great design, and attention to detail. This elegant watch winder is fashioned from double-stitched, buttery soft black leather and can wind two watches at the same. Plus, it doubles as a lovely, sophisticated little display case. Be warned, however. Once you turn it on, it’s not for the easily hypnotized! After you find the perfect spot for it, it plugs into the wall with the included AC adapter, but also includes a back-up battery, so Dad won’t lose time even when he’s on the go! ($197.95)

3. Lacquered Walnut Tabletop Cigar Cutter

Stylish, sophisticated and extremely useful, this tabletop cigar cutter from Bey-Berk International is the perfect gift if your Dad happens to be a cigar aficionado. A beautiful blend of form and function, it couldn’t be lovelier to look at or easier to use. Just slide your favorite stogie into the center hole, push down on the lever and voila! Perfect cut! Plus, it features a little drawer to hold all your necessary accessories and a latch keeps the blade the safely in place when it’s not in use. The high-gloss lacquered walnut and polished silver accents make it not only durable, but pretty swanky. It’s a special, elegant statement piece and conversation starter Dad will definitely want to show off. ($124.95)

4. Moleskine Gourmet Gift Box Set

My Dad’s passion is cooking and food, so this is the one I’m looking at. If you’re Dad’s like mine, you should check it out too. Created especially for the food and wine enthusiast, the Moleskine Gourmet Gift Box Set is an ideal gift for the Grand Gourmand Dad. The set includes: a Passions Recipe Journal (5″ x 8.25″), a Passions Wine Journal (5″ x 8.25″), 20 Gourmet Tasting Notes, which include space for each course from appetizers to dessert, and 20 Gourmet Coaster Notes, which space for wine characteristics, tasting notes and labels. Record and collect all your culinary impressions during fine meals. Plus, since it’s from Moleskine®, makers of the essential little black notebook for two centuries, you know each journal has that signature, sophisticated Moleskine® hard black cover, which now comes embossed with culinary themed images and writings. This is the perfect gift to keep any epicurean excited for every meal! ($69.95)

5. Waterproof Cotton & Leather Dopp Kit

Here’s a perfect little dopp kit by Rebecca Ray Designs for the Dad on the go. Heavy waxed cotton offers water resistance and durability. The authentic saddle leather sides, leather carrying strap and signature harness-grade D-rings offer that touch of rustic sophistication that make this kit truly a one-of a kind. Offered in three colors, you’re sure to find the one that suits Dad’s personal style. ($59.95)

But that’s not all! Is your Pop a techie? A sports fan? We’ve got all sorts of gifts that he’s sure to love. Head on over to Ella & Boss right now and check us out! And, finally, here’s wishing all the Dads out there, new, old, and especially mine, a truly awesome Father’s Day! Much love and all the best! – XO

The Mothers Remember…

April 30, 2012

Hey, everybody! Resident Male here with a quick reminder that Mother’s Day is fast approaching! (Sunday, May 13, for the record.) Yes, yes, yes… We’ve heard it all before. “Boo Mother’s Day! It’s nothing more than a sinister invention created by the greeting card industry, at the behest of the International Society of Trufflemasons, who are totally in bed with the Florists Templar, who are totally pulling the strings of Brunchus Dei…” But come on, everybody! It’s your freaking Mom! Do something nice and thoughtful for your Mom, y’all! (And stop watching the History Channel on Saturday afternoons!) But if you need some help this year, never fear! Ella & Boss is here to help, of course. Here’s a list of 5 of our favorite Mother’s Gifts gifts, all under $75.00, and available now at Ella&Boss:

1. Deluxe Candles from The House & Home Collection by LAFCO ($49.99)

LAFCO’s House and Home Candle Collection is specifically designed to create an elegant atmosphere and compliment the ambiance and decor of each room in your home. Each candle is 16 oz., burns for approximately 90 hours and comes in a charming 4″ x 4″ hand-blown, art glass jar, which can be reused in so many ways once you’ve finished with the candle. And just to warn you, they’re all so pretty you’ll want to collect and display them all. With 10 truly awesome and unique scents to choose from, from the cozy, comforting Redwood and Cedar “Den” candle to the light, serene Lotus Flower and Cyclamen “Tea House” candle, you’re sure to find the scent that’s perfect for Mom.

2. Canvas Cosmetics Bag by Rebecca Ray Designs ($29.99)

Mom’s always on the go, right? So there’s nothing more necessary than having a great little bag to keep all your little odds and ends together and close at hand. Well, here’s a great fashionable, durable bag from the good folks at Rebecca Ray Designs. Made from the same tough, heavy cotton duck as their tote bags, this unlined little guy is perfect for safely storing all your cosmetics and small items as you run errands around town or travel cross-country. Plus, it comes in a variety of fun, bright colors, so you’re sure to find the one that best suits your personal style, and features two of Rebecca Ray’s signature harness grade D-Rings.

3. Engraved Social Card Set by Bell’Invito ($54.99-$72.99)

It’s like Mom always said: Nothing says, “I appreciate your friendship and I wasn’t raised in a barn,” quite like a handwritten note on an elegant piece of stationery. Taking the time to add that personal touch to your message is always a surefire way to warm a friend’s heart or charm someone you long to impress. Make each “I Love You,” “Thank You,” and “Congratulations!” truly stand out with a set of engraved social cards by Bell’Invito. Each set comes with twelve thick cotton 5″ x 7″ cards, and twelve corresponding hand-lined envelopes. Plus, it all comes packaged in a smart little box that will not only help you stay organized, but also makes a pretty little addition to any writing desk. And since there are so many beautiful designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your style and personality, or, if giving a gift, those of your loved one. Inspire a little paper envy with Bell’Invito today!

4. Deluxe Body Brush with Dusting Silk by Lady Primrose ($32.99)

Don’t worry, boys, I wasn’t sure what this was at first either, but this smart acrylic-handled body brush comes with its own built-in, refillable compartment, and 0.5oz box of Lady Primrose’s fabulous Dusting Silk. Once you place the silk in the chamber, one twist unlocks the brush and releases the silk right onto the bristles. How cool is that? It couldn’t be easier! Lady Primose’s Dusting Silk is a naturally absorbent powder made with crushed chamomile and marigold flowers, and blended with silk and plant extracts. It also contains the mighty acai berry, which is packed full of anti-oxidants, amino acids and reparative omega-3 fatty acids. So not only is it super healthy, it also softens, soothes, and protects your skin, and, of course, it smells like heaven. (We don’t do stinky here.) Stylish, easy to use, and easy to travel with, this body brush makes a great gift and a welcome addition to your Mom’s vanity.

5. Royal Extract Body Creme with Engraveable Lid ($49.99)

Everyone knows by now that the secret to looking youthful isn’t plastic surgery or Botox injections; it’s all about keeping your skin moisturized and well-nourished. As luck would have it, this rich, delicately scented body crème by Lady Primrose does just that. Chocked full of healthy, natural ingredients like Royal Jelly, honey, Vitamins C and E, peptides, anti-oxidants and collagen builder, this crème eliminates dryness and stubborn wrinkles, producing younger, softer and more supple skin. Plus, the 5 oz. jar is reusable, and comes with a tarnish free 3″ x 3.25″ nickelplated top, which is perfect for engraving. If you’re looking for a great gift, you can be sure that this is one that will be treasured by Mom for years to come.

But if you don’t see the perfect one here, we’ve got tons and tons more stuff over at the mothership. Go check it out! And while you’re at it, why not pick up a little something for yourself? I mean it’s not like Mom would even be celebrating Mother’s Day without you, right? (Seriously, though. Do not tell her I said that!!!) But no matter what you order, you can be sure that Mom will go absolutely gaga, and not to worry, we’ll definitely get it to Mom before the big day!

Happy shopping, and an even happier Mother’s Day to you and yours! (And mine! Hi Mom!). Until next time!

Your Tote Bag Is Waiting. Come and Jump On It!

March 12, 2012

Buy it! My pony!

Uh oh! We done did it again, folks! As of this morning, we have a yet another fabulous line to add to the E&B family! Today, it’s our distinct pleasure to introduce you to Rebecca Ray Designs, a line that made us go particularly gaga at this year’s New York International Gift Show.

If you’ve perused this blog before, then you probably know that all of us here are big fans of animals, both real and stuffed. (Goshdarnit, that video’s going viral, if I have to sneeze links all over the entire internet!) So much so, in fact, that on my last birthday, the ladies and I played hookey and went to our local animal shelter to play with all the puppies and kitties. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Also, yes, we are extremely wonderful people, thank you! (Buy our things!) And a special shout-out to my soulmate kitty, Big Pun, who hopefully found a good home where he continues to crush a lot. But aaanyway… Back to the story. Since we big animal lovers, naturally, we were all impressed by this bright, whimsical, incredibly sophisticated line of handbags, totes, and carrying cases inspired by what we dandies in the horsey set might call, the sporting life. Horse, dog and handbag lovers should take notice!

By far, Rebecca Ray’s most famous and bestselling product is the MaryAnn Race Horse Tote, which is a beaucoup chic, and impressively strong, roomy way to carry everything you could possibly need or want everywhere you go – from the beach to the gym to the grocery store to the carpool and all points in between – all the while making everybody who sees you seethe with jealousy, because… Well, because they just make you look really cool. There’s no better way to say it! The Race Horse Tote, in particular, features an image from a vintage grain sack screenprinted across a canvas of tough, heavy, cotton duck. A little bit of that old-school meets modern feel that all the kids are into these days. But don’t worry all of their bags are made from the same awesome, strong material and additionally feature thick leather trimmed handles, a wide interior pocket, a zippered closure and Rebecca Ray’s signature chocolate brown, 100% cotton, floral lining. Plus, all the hardware is inspired by the rings and buckles and whistles you’d find on saddles and bridles. In fact, they’re made from equestrian-grade nickel! Check ’em out!




As you can see, the MaryAnn comes in a number of different styles with different animals, and a variety of fun, bright colors that are sure to get you noticed. (In the good way, of course!) And tote bags aren’t all Rebecca Ray makes. They’ve got all manner of products that manage to make you look really cool, while also making your life easier. We’ve got all sorts of elegant, durable, and eminently useful duffel bags, computer totes, dopp kits, cosmetic bags, pet accessories and so much more for sale right now! Check out the Rebecca Ray Designs page at E&B and scoop your favorite up today!

Happy hunting! RM, out! – XO