It’s Horn-Tootin’ Time!!!

Hey guys! We’re back from the ATL, and, not to worry, we have a bunch of stories and pics to share! More importantly, of course, we have lots of wonderful new products that we’re stoked to roll out in the coming days and weeks!!! But before all that, if you’ll indulge us, we just need a minute, because we’ve just received an awesome surprise that we absolutely have to share with you, and we’re as excited as an Olympic rower on the medal stand!!!

Ready? Now… I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I’m afraid that, as of this morning, we are officially the “award-winning” Ella & Boss!!! Please be sure to address us as such in the future. Just playin’, but we would like to thank the Academy…

OK. OK. What are you talking about, Resident Male? Well, apparently the good folks over at Plush Marketing, who took this entire E&B idea and turned into an actual thing, entered little ol’ us in the Best E-Commerce Website category at the Interactive Media Awards in NYC, where we won best in class, and THEN the judges liked us so much we won the Best Architecture/Interior Design category as well! WOOT! So we really do have to thank Nick and Steve and everyone over at Plush for making this all happen and congratulate them so much for receiving the recognition they deserve for their beautiful design work. Also, thank you to the judges at the IMAs for voting for us, and all of you for standing by us and supporting us through that first rocky year, then the massive ground-up re-design, and finally our fantastically successful relaunch! There’s no way we’d be able to do anything at all without you, our wonderful family, friends, and fans! Kisses!

For more info about our stunning victory, check out the IMA website here. (Sorry, Suckerberg! Apparently, we run the internet now!)

Thanks again, everybody! Stay tuned for more excitement coming soon. I think I feel a summer sale coming on…. RM, out! XO


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