Moleskine Fans of the World: Unite and Take Over!

Hey, friends! RM here, once again! Guess what I’m doing right now? Just guess! Well, if you said sitting at my desk in skinny jeans and a Cure t-shirt, fiddling with my carabiner keychain, nodding my head (but certainly NOT dancing to) the new Japandroids album on NPR, and blogging, you’d be mostly right.

It’s a Smiths t-shirt.

The Cure? No, thank you!

Anyway, you’re probably wondering why I’m sitting here trotting out my tried and true, artsy-fartsy, aging hipster bonafides. Well, it’s actually in celebration, because I’m personally so incredibly psyched to announce the newest brand joining the E&B family! This one goes out to all the artsy kids out there, because yes, folks, E&B’s now got MOLESKINE!


Trade secret: I’m a writer and musician by trade. I’ve been writing music and stories and that sort of thing for as long as I can remember, and those were my areas of study, so I’m sure you can imagine I honestly can’t remember a single point in the last ten years or so when I haven’t had a Moleskine journal within arm’s reach. You know the ones I mean. The sexy little journals and sketchbooks, with the sleek black hard covers, that have been the favorite of artists and writers for nearly two centuries. And if you’ve ever used one, you know why. They’re such a joy to write it in. Nice, thick acid-free stock. A built-in bookmark and elastic closure that make sure you never lose your place or any important keepsakes. The durable hard cover that can take a beating for months and still stay looking brand new. And yet there’s something about them that’s so comforting and inviting. Simply brilliant. Moleskine journals have been with me through my college days in New York City (I was that sensitive guy with the acoustic guitar and long hair in your dorm. Hi!), trekking through South America, and, even today, they’re the only journals I trust to keep all my ideas, observations, inspirations, and favorite memories safe and secure. And I bet you everything I own if you try one, you’ll feel the same way.

If you’re a Moleskine junkie like me, then you’ve probably heard that Moleskine has been moving in some new directions of late. Not only do they still offer their classic journals and sketchbooks, but now they offer all sorts of products that help you stay organized and excited about the hobbies and pursuits you love. The new line in particular that had us over the moon is their new line of Passion Journals. Designed with that signature Moleskine style, these journals are perfect for recording all the observations, ideas, inspirations and memories related to your specific areas of interest like gardening, wine, interior design, cooking and so many more!

All journals come with a different series of tools for page customization: stickers, icons, glossaries, listings, themed calendars, a double pocket for clippings, tickets and cards. Like the Moleskine Classic Journals, Moleskine Passions have a sewn binding, acid-free paper, rounded edges, elastic closure, cloth ribbon placeholder (Passions Journals have 3, each in a different shade), and a rear expandable inner pocket. They’re just awesome for documenting every facet of the things in life you love most (Baby Journal, anyone?), and if there’s someone in your life who’s passionate about their hobby, obviously, you simply couldn’t find a more perfect gift.

So head on over to E&B right now and pick your passion! And stay tuned for more Moleskine news coming soon! I’m going back to the new Walkmen album. RM, out! -XO


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