Swag Powers, Activate!

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! Resident Male here, as always, with most exciting news! I believe it was the great poet of our times, Ms. Beyonce Knowles, who, in her hit song “Party,” reminded us all of the importance of “dripping in swagu.” (Or as we olds would say, “adorning yourself with cool and stylish apparel and/or accessories at all times.”) Well, to that end, all you E&B-heads out there will be pumped to learn that we’ve taken Queen B’s lesson to heart and, thanks to our good friends at MacMannes Inc., we’re happy to introduce you to the first item in our line of smart, stylish and practical Ella & Boss merchandise. Yes, folks, it’s officially time to turn your swag up with our swag! So check it out! The official Extra-Large Ella & Boss Canvas Beach Tote!!!

From the front…

…To the back!

Coming in at a whopping 27″ x 17″ x 9″, this extra large tote will hold everything you could possibly need for a trip to the gym, the grocery store, the classroom, the office and all points in between. It’s made from a durable extra-heavy navy and white canvas, and features a detachable shoulder strap, attached with matte silver D-rings, closed interior seams and a zipper top. Plus, it’s got two hanging interior pockets for easy access to your wallet, keys, cell phone and anything else you need to keep close at hand while running around. And that’s not all! With summer coming up, we’re all looking for the perfect beach bag, right? Well, look no further, because there’s no question that this bag can easily accommodate almost every essential you and the fam could possibly need for a relaxing day by the waves. (I’m afraid someone’s still going to have to lug that cooler…) And to top things off, of course, it’s adorned with our simple, stylish E&B logo, so you can let everybody know about that chic, awesome, swagadocious (and unflappably humble) website that’s gone and made you look so much more chic, awesome and swagadocious than you did already!

At $59.99, it’s an absolute steal, or get one free with any purchase over $300! But if it’s not necessarily your cup of tea and you still need a great bag, we have other amazing ones to choose from, like the incredible vintage-inspired bags from Rebecca Ray Designs. So… I think it’s time to get to shopping, folks! Thanks for all the love and support! RM, out! -XO


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