The Mothers Remember…

Hey, everybody! Resident Male here with a quick reminder that Mother’s Day is fast approaching! (Sunday, May 13, for the record.) Yes, yes, yes… We’ve heard it all before. “Boo Mother’s Day! It’s nothing more than a sinister invention created by the greeting card industry, at the behest of the International Society of Trufflemasons, who are totally in bed with the Florists Templar, who are totally pulling the strings of Brunchus Dei…” But come on, everybody! It’s your freaking Mom! Do something nice and thoughtful for your Mom, y’all! (And stop watching the History Channel on Saturday afternoons!) But if you need some help this year, never fear! Ella & Boss is here to help, of course. Here’s a list of 5 of our favorite Mother’s Gifts gifts, all under $75.00, and available now at Ella&Boss:

1. Deluxe Candles from The House & Home Collection by LAFCO ($49.99)

LAFCO’s House and Home Candle Collection is specifically designed to create an elegant atmosphere and compliment the ambiance and decor of each room in your home. Each candle is 16 oz., burns for approximately 90 hours and comes in a charming 4″ x 4″ hand-blown, art glass jar, which can be reused in so many ways once you’ve finished with the candle. And just to warn you, they’re all so pretty you’ll want to collect and display them all. With 10 truly awesome and unique scents to choose from, from the cozy, comforting Redwood and Cedar “Den” candle to the light, serene Lotus Flower and Cyclamen “Tea House” candle, you’re sure to find the scent that’s perfect for Mom.

2. Canvas Cosmetics Bag by Rebecca Ray Designs ($29.99)

Mom’s always on the go, right? So there’s nothing more necessary than having a great little bag to keep all your little odds and ends together and close at hand. Well, here’s a great fashionable, durable bag from the good folks at Rebecca Ray Designs. Made from the same tough, heavy cotton duck as their tote bags, this unlined little guy is perfect for safely storing all your cosmetics and small items as you run errands around town or travel cross-country. Plus, it comes in a variety of fun, bright colors, so you’re sure to find the one that best suits your personal style, and features two of Rebecca Ray’s signature harness grade D-Rings.

3. Engraved Social Card Set by Bell’Invito ($54.99-$72.99)

It’s like Mom always said: Nothing says, “I appreciate your friendship and I wasn’t raised in a barn,” quite like a handwritten note on an elegant piece of stationery. Taking the time to add that personal touch to your message is always a surefire way to warm a friend’s heart or charm someone you long to impress. Make each “I Love You,” “Thank You,” and “Congratulations!” truly stand out with a set of engraved social cards by Bell’Invito. Each set comes with twelve thick cotton 5″ x 7″ cards, and twelve corresponding hand-lined envelopes. Plus, it all comes packaged in a smart little box that will not only help you stay organized, but also makes a pretty little addition to any writing desk. And since there are so many beautiful designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your style and personality, or, if giving a gift, those of your loved one. Inspire a little paper envy with Bell’Invito today!

4. Deluxe Body Brush with Dusting Silk by Lady Primrose ($32.99)

Don’t worry, boys, I wasn’t sure what this was at first either, but this smart acrylic-handled body brush comes with its own built-in, refillable compartment, and 0.5oz box of Lady Primrose’s fabulous Dusting Silk. Once you place the silk in the chamber, one twist unlocks the brush and releases the silk right onto the bristles. How cool is that? It couldn’t be easier! Lady Primose’s Dusting Silk is a naturally absorbent powder made with crushed chamomile and marigold flowers, and blended with silk and plant extracts. It also contains the mighty acai berry, which is packed full of anti-oxidants, amino acids and reparative omega-3 fatty acids. So not only is it super healthy, it also softens, soothes, and protects your skin, and, of course, it smells like heaven. (We don’t do stinky here.) Stylish, easy to use, and easy to travel with, this body brush makes a great gift and a welcome addition to your Mom’s vanity.

5. Royal Extract Body Creme with Engraveable Lid ($49.99)

Everyone knows by now that the secret to looking youthful isn’t plastic surgery or Botox injections; it’s all about keeping your skin moisturized and well-nourished. As luck would have it, this rich, delicately scented body crème by Lady Primrose does just that. Chocked full of healthy, natural ingredients like Royal Jelly, honey, Vitamins C and E, peptides, anti-oxidants and collagen builder, this crème eliminates dryness and stubborn wrinkles, producing younger, softer and more supple skin. Plus, the 5 oz. jar is reusable, and comes with a tarnish free 3″ x 3.25″ nickelplated top, which is perfect for engraving. If you’re looking for a great gift, you can be sure that this is one that will be treasured by Mom for years to come.

But if you don’t see the perfect one here, we’ve got tons and tons more stuff over at the mothership. Go check it out! And while you’re at it, why not pick up a little something for yourself? I mean it’s not like Mom would even be celebrating Mother’s Day without you, right? (Seriously, though. Do not tell her I said that!!!) But no matter what you order, you can be sure that Mom will go absolutely gaga, and not to worry, we’ll definitely get it to Mom before the big day!

Happy shopping, and an even happier Mother’s Day to you and yours! (And mine! Hi Mom!). Until next time!


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