Your Tote Bag Is Waiting. Come and Jump On It!

Buy it! My pony!

Uh oh! We done did it again, folks! As of this morning, we have a yet another fabulous line to add to the E&B family! Today, it’s our distinct pleasure to introduce you to Rebecca Ray Designs, a line that made us go particularly gaga at this year’s New York International Gift Show.

If you’ve perused this blog before, then you probably know that all of us here are big fans of animals, both real and stuffed. (Goshdarnit, that video’s going viral, if I have to sneeze links all over the entire internet!) So much so, in fact, that on my last birthday, the ladies and I played hookey and went to our local animal shelter to play with all the puppies and kitties. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Also, yes, we are extremely wonderful people, thank you! (Buy our things!) And a special shout-out to my soulmate kitty, Big Pun, who hopefully found a good home where he continues to crush a lot. But aaanyway… Back to the story. Since we big animal lovers, naturally, we were all impressed by this bright, whimsical, incredibly sophisticated line of handbags, totes, and carrying cases inspired by what we dandies in the horsey set might call, the sporting life. Horse, dog and handbag lovers should take notice!

By far, Rebecca Ray’s most famous and bestselling product is the MaryAnn Race Horse Tote, which is a beaucoup chic, and impressively strong, roomy way to carry everything you could possibly need or want everywhere you go – from the beach to the gym to the grocery store to the carpool and all points in between – all the while making everybody who sees you seethe with jealousy, because… Well, because they just make you look really cool. There’s no better way to say it! The Race Horse Tote, in particular, features an image from a vintage grain sack screenprinted across a canvas of tough, heavy, cotton duck. A little bit of that old-school meets modern feel that all the kids are into these days. But don’t worry all of their bags are made from the same awesome, strong material and additionally feature thick leather trimmed handles, a wide interior pocket, a zippered closure and Rebecca Ray’s signature chocolate brown, 100% cotton, floral lining. Plus, all the hardware is inspired by the rings and buckles and whistles you’d find on saddles and bridles. In fact, they’re made from equestrian-grade nickel! Check ’em out!




As you can see, the MaryAnn comes in a number of different styles with different animals, and a variety of fun, bright colors that are sure to get you noticed. (In the good way, of course!) And tote bags aren’t all Rebecca Ray makes. They’ve got all manner of products that manage to make you look really cool, while also making your life easier. We’ve got all sorts of elegant, durable, and eminently useful duffel bags, computer totes, dopp kits, cosmetic bags, pet accessories and so much more for sale right now! Check out the Rebecca Ray Designs page at E&B and scoop your favorite up today!

Happy hunting! RM, out! – XO


One Response to “Your Tote Bag Is Waiting. Come and Jump On It!”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    omg i love the duffle bag too!

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