It’s Officially Official…

Hey hey, everybody! First off, all of us here at Ella & Boss would just like to extend each and every one of you our belated Season’s Greetings, and we hope you all are enjoying the heck out of this brand new year. Of course, we’d have said that weeks ago, but as usual things have been a little insane around these parts. Good insane, but insane nonetheless. Turns out that “soft launch” thing I was talking about last time? Yeah… Not to sound too braggadocious, but it turns out that whole thing was attached to a rocket which immediately shot straight towards the stratosphere at like 5,000 mph! Which brings me to my point:

Yes, friends, get excited! At long last, the brand new is up, running and fully operational!

Well, OK, you’re right. technically we’ve been up and running for a few weeks now while we worked out the kinks, as evidenced from my last post. And wouldn’t you know it? People around the country from Maryland to California have actually found us, and we’ve been working our tails off for the last few weeks fulfilling orders! How is that possible? As luck would have it, unbeknownst to us, one of our favorite things – the Shaved Shagreen iPhone 4 Case by Vivo Studios – was featured in Elle Decor and House Beautiful like a day or two after we went live, and all of a sudden the orders came rolling in like a stampede! (I feel like there’s a Broncos/Tebow joke in there somewhere, but I need a little more coffee to get at it…) Which is super exciting, of course! But now it’s time to really start getting the word out about our awesome website and all of our fabulous products!

So now that we’re back and in full effect, please bookmark this page or put it in your GooGoo Readers, or whatever you kids do nowadays, and check back with us often. We’re adding exciting new products to the site every day, so this is the place to get the latest news about our hottest new toys, and you never know… There might be a few bargains and promotions every now and again just for you, our loyal readers, followers and friends! And please feel free to leave us any feedback you’ve got in the comments – good or bad. We’re committed to making E&B the fun, easy, elegant, and affordable design site of your dreams! Anything we can do to improve your shopping experience is a-ok with us. In the meantime, thank you all so much for your patience and support. It means the world to us!

…Aaaand here’s the skinny on this week’s featured product:

Vintage-Inspired Matchboxes by JM Piers

Nothing says comfort and joy quite like putting a few logs in the fireplace, snuggling up on the couch, and warming up by a crackling fire. But how do you think I go about lighting that fire? By throwing a couple of cardboard matches from the 7-11 at it? Come on! Everything we do around here is effortlessly elegant! And it’s all about the details folks, so on my mantle, lives one of these cute little matchboxes, courtesy of JM Piers. For me, these charming, stylish boxes harken back to that time when folks like Bogey and Bacall did everything – even lighting the fireplace, I’d imagine – in such an easy, graceful, almost painfully cool fashion, but the variety of fun colors and patterns give them a thoroughly modern edge. Plus, having something in your house that says to your guests, “Not to humblebrag or anything, but I’m kind of the modern equivalent of Katharine Hepburn or Cary Grant. It’s just my cross to bear…” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, right? If you’re in the market for a gift, maybe one of these bad boys, along with a nice candle? It makes a fantastic, and original gift for just about any occasion. Plus, you get a box of nice, sturdy wooden matches on us. Hard to argue with that! Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m late for dinner with Dean and Frank and rest of the boys…

It could be yours! If you’d like one of your very own, or just a little more info perhaps, check it out on Ella & Boss by clicking this!

Until next time! Resident male, out! XO


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