Launching Me Softly

Hey, folks! Remember us? I hope so, because we’ve got news…

So… last week, I was chatting with a client here in the office and in response to a question I finished with something like, “…Plus, the website’s almost done, so that’s exciting.” To which she replied, “Well, the website’s been ‘almost done’ for like a year…”

Ah, the skeptics. Gotta love ’em. At first I was a bit put out, of course, but after a moment of reflection I just smiled, because the truth is it really is almost here and doggonit that’s super exciting. In a few short days, we’ll finally be able to unveil the culmination of nearly a year of hard work, not just by us, but also by the amazing designers, coders and amateur therapists over at Plush Real Estate Media. We can’t thank them enough for their incredible work and their tireless efforts to make Ella & Boss the site we’ve always dreamed of.

So what’s going right now? Well, at the moment, we are:

  • Fixing the final little bugs, glitches and spelling mistakes
  • Getting everybody excited by adding tons of new products every day
  • Perfecting the checkout process
  • Spreading the word of our impending awesomeness
  • Naturally, getting swirly ampersand tattoos

Well, maybe not the last one, but we’re definitely getting ready to hit the ground running in a matter of mere days, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Now, while we’re not quite at 100%, we’re certainly at like 97%, so we wanted to give you, our loyal, supportive and patient friends, readers and customers, a sneak preview of what’s to come. This is your chance to wander around the site and play with all the shiny, new doodads and whatsits before we officially cut the ribbon. Keep in mind that we’re still tweaking that 3%, so it’s not perfect. We know. But we’d be so so appreciative of any feedback you’d be willing to offer, so we can make any necessary changes before the official launch. Thank you guys for being so patient with us and pardoning our appearance (or disappearance as it were) during our renovation. We really hope you like what you see!

And with no further ado, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Soft Launch of the brand new…

Click me!

We’ll let you know when we make it official in the coming days! Until then, Resident Male signing off. -XO


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