Kitchen Month Kickoff: What Not To Do!!!

Pic via Veranda

Hey hey, everyone! Resident male, here! And welcome to the official kickoff of Kitchen Month here on Ella & Blog!

So you’re probably wondering why we’ve claimed the month of May in the name of Kitchens. Well, I suppose the easy answer is it that it dovetails nicely with what we’re currently working on in real life. But it’s more than that. I mean who doesn’t love/want/need a modern, efficient, pretty kitchen?! It’s the hearth. The warm center of family life. For God’s sake, it’s where you keep the beer! Plus, since time immemorial, springtime has been the time for rebirth, renewal and, of course, redecoration. So if you’ve found yourself looking around your kitchen lately and thinking, “Gross!” you should probably mop the floor and do the dishes. But then after that, if you still think it’s ugly and could use a little makeover, then you’ve come to the right place. All month, we’ll be showcasing the latest and greatest from floors to cabinetry to appliances and beyond. Maybe even a recipe or two, should our Intrepid Leader feel so inclined! (And, trust me, you really, really want her to feel inclined! Yum!)

But first, in order to know what to do, we’ve got to develop a keen sense of what not to do, right? Well, this morning, LP and I took a trip on over to, and… boy howdy, there were some hot messes up in there that left us just speechless! I mean I realize that there are actual horrible things happening in the world right now, but some of these rooms are so ugly they really make you lose all faith in humanity. Like if these are the vomitocious eyesores people are willing to inflict on their friends and family, the people they claim to love, what else are they capable of?!!!

But I kid. They just don’t know any better! And that’s why we’re here! And if you’re feeling a little down in the dumps about the state of your kitchen, here are five we found that will make you feel much, much better:

5. Cabinets for when your dishes have been very, very bad.

4. When you say you want something, "inspired by nature," it might behoove you to be a bit more specific...

3. Something about that dusty old chandelier just brings the whole room together, right?

2. First of all, yes, you're reading that timestamp correctly. Second, I didn't realize they cooked in Hell. I thought it was all Pizza Hut delivery, all the time. Go figure.

1. Ladies and gentleman, I think we have a winner, wouldn't you say??

That was… something, huh? If you’ve seen a kitchen lately that could use some help, feel free to send us a picture or drop one in the comments. We’d love to see it. Tomorrow, we’ll feature some of our absolute favorite kitchens. I mean we’re talking kitchens to die for!

Who’s excited? Are you excited? You should probably get excited! See you then!


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