Designer’s Block

Afternoon, everybody! Resident male here, and welcome back, friends, to Ella&Blog!

That's about right...

So as I’m sure all of you folks in the creative arts can attest, from time to time you find yourself in a slump. It’s like sometimes you put that pen to paper, or you dip that brush in the paint, and, despite your best efforts, nothing comes out. Like you’re calling on the muse, but she’s out back smoking a cigarette all, “Dude, don’t even…” Well, this sort of thing happens to interior designers too. We take our inspiration from all sorts of places: nature, fashion, art, music, architecture, history, etc. But every now and again, even with this wide breadth of knowledge up in your little noggin, you take a look at a space, and it’s like, “…” which I’m sure you can imagine is extremely frustrating, and more than a little frightening.

Recently, our intrepid leader and I fell into a creative funk at the same time. Maybe it was our shared, unabiding and well-documented hatred of winter? Who knows? But for a couple weeks there, we’d both just be standing there in our resource library like, “Yeah, I’ve got nothing.” Luckily, we’ve both taken numerous writing classes and art classes over the years, so we both know that the trick to finding your mojo again is not pressuring yourself. In fact, it’s just the opposite. What you’ve got to do is take whatever you’re working on, put it in a drawer, and go pursue something else that interests you for a little while. So we made a deal. Both of us have artistic passions that we’ve had on the backburner for a spell. She loves to paint; I used to write a lot of music. So we agreed that if she were to go work on a new painting, then I’d pick up my guitar and my laptop, we’d work on those for a little while, and then we’d reconvene.

Well, here’s the thing about our interpid leader: girlfriend is talented and works fast. We were talking about this like late last week, right? And almost immediately she hops in her car, drives out to the country, and, from the banks of the Rappahanock, creates this lovely, tranquil sunrise, which she’d like to share!

Gorgeous, right? I love how she did the water! But I guess that means I better get on the ball and finish my composition! Luckily, however, just the simple act of playing around with something new – putting new beats together, playing different instruments, writing new melodies – has already got me feeling invigorated and rejuvenated, and ready to tackle our design projects with a renewed sense of purpose! And just in time for spring!

How about you? Do you have any tips or tricks when you find yourself in a creative slump? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Until next time!


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