Great Bargains: Prisca Mirror by Uttermost

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Afternoon, ladies and gents! Resident male here once again, welcoming you back to Ella & Blog!

Well, it’s Thursday, which means we all deserve a hearty congratulations for almost making it through to the weekend. (Not that it was all that hard, what with all the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in DC.) So this week, I thought maybe we’d do something a little different. You know how we love to give you guys a heads up on our favorite things every week? Well, this week, we thought we’d showcase one of our favorite things that also happens to be one the most amazing bargains we’ve found in a while. And something that you will soon be able to purchase on Ella&Boss, of course. But first, since I’m me, a tangent! (And there’s a point, I promise!)

You see, personally, I’m a little extra excited it’s Thursday, because as any red-blooded American 13-year-old girl (or I) could tell you, Thursday also means that, after a long week of geometry tests and cafeteria shunning, tonight we get to stop for a moment and breathe a deep, collective sigh of relief. To contemplate what we’ve learned this week, who we’ve become, and who we ultimately want to be. And then, finally, to take who we once were in one last bittersweet embrace and send it on its way, content that our new path forward is the right way home, awash in the simple, exquisite relief of letting go. Or, in laymen’s terms, tonight we get to sit back for an hour with a glass of wine, and watch the hammer come down on America’s favorite guilty pleasure. Yes, sir or madame, I speak of our great nation’s own musical Hunger Game, American Idol!

Have you been watching this season? Sadly, I have, and I honestly don’t know why. Every year, I declare to everyone within earshot that I’m not going to watch it, knowing full well I’ll eventually cave. But why do I bother to make this futile pledge? For reasons too many count. First, because it’s awful, and because I’m allergic to bad karaoke. Because I hate the naked avarice and the insulting, lowest common denominator approach of the modern pop music industrial complex. (Oh, hello, inner college sophomore!) Because Randy Jackson is quite possibly the most inane, vacuous, obnoxious person on the fact of the planet, and when he speaks, you can feel your brain start to liquefy. Oh, and Seacrest. The heady, confounding mixture of fake personalities, and sexual orientations, and blindingly white teeth that is Seacrest.

In other words, I know it’s all so very unhealthy. I know this. But then it gets down to the semi-finals, and I figure, “Well, let’s just tune in once and see what all the fuss is about,” and immediately I’m hooked. The bombast! The desperation! The schadenfreude! All the little Katnisses and Peetas stomping across the stage in their Forever 21 best, shouting off-key Elton John songs at each other… TO THE DEATH! And now with Steven Tyler and J. Lo on the judging panel? Attempting to talk with any sort of authority on what the contestants can do to improve their singing ability? Come on. It’s pretty funny. They might as well change the title to “America’s Fun Time Irony Hour.” Like I always picture Music rolling its eyes, and floating down from the heavens all, “Really, Jennifer? You really want to have this argument right now? Ok…”

It’s so hypnotizing and addictive and sparkly, like passing a five unicorn pile-up on the side of the road. No, I’m not proud of myself, but it is what it is: Pure entertainment! (Go, Casey Abrams, you cute little lesser evil, you!)

But you’re probably wondering why I’m taking a blowtorch to my credibility, and talking about this silly, little television show. Well, a few weeks ago I was totally not stalking the contestants on the interwebs. And while I was not doing that, I definitely did not find a virtual tour of the mansion in which the contestants are staying. However, if I had done either of those things, I would have found something in the great room, which immediately caught my eye:

See that mirror behind the lamp? It’s not a great shot, but that happens to be one of our favorite mirrors in the world. It’s made by a very, very high-end company called Holly Hunt, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s a gorgeous etched, antiqued mirror inside a handsome silver leaf finished frame with black undertones. A perfect, elegant addition to any space. And best of all, at 68″ across, it’s humungous, and as we’ve discussed, huge mirrors are a great way to fill up vacant wall space and create the illusion of a larger room. The only rub? It costs like $20,000 or something insane like that! (It’s always something, right?)

Well, what if I told you that you could have the exact same mirror for a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing any of the quality? And, no, I’m not talking about like 1/4. Seriously, I’m talking like a teeny tiny fraction. Ladies and germs, may I introduce:


Like the Holly Hunt mirror, the Prisca is enormous, and features an etched, antiqued mirror with four matching rosettes, inside a distressed silver leaf finished frame. And if you’re like most people and don’t really think it’s wise to take a second mortgage on your house in order to spruce up your living room, it’s an incredibly affordable way to bring a touch of sophistication and old Hollywood glamour into any space. Be sure to look out for it when Ella&Boss relaunches soon!

For more on the Prisca mirror, or for more of my thoughts on this year’s crop of Idols (I know you’re dying to hear all about how violently creeped out I am by Paul McDonald), drop us an email or leave us a comment!

Resident male out!


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