Our Favorite Things: The Letterpress Correspondence System by Forgetful Gentleman

Please send your good vibes towards Kansas. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

Ahoy hoy, everyone! Resident male here, and I sincerely hope all of you are having as fantastic a day as I am. I don’t know about you, but today I woke up like a little kid on Christmas morning! Why, you ask? Well, it’s actually not about St. Patrick Day, all you friends who know me a little too well. Or the thought of green beer, or screaming frat boys, or whatever. That’s actually kind of gross to me. (Side note: I think may have officially outgrown St. Paddy’s Day. How did that happen? Isn’t that just terrible?!!! I guess the landslide really does bring you down, man…) And, yes, dear people who read this blog regularly (all two of you), I’m sure it is partially because it’s a beautiful, not-quite-spring day outside. 65 degrees and sunny = one happy resident male! But that’s not it! Want to know what’s got me in such a stellar mood today?

DUH! It’s the first day of the NCAA Tournament! March Madness, baby!!!! (And, no, Intrepid Leader, I’m totally not sitting in my office watching it on the computer. Not even a little! Don’t even think it!)

As you all know, we’re all big sports fans around these parts, and every year, once football season ends, and the Redskins’ season goes up in flames in some new and spectacular fashion, our attention turns to college basketball. As always, Lieutenant Princess is the actual sports fan. She can tell you all about the three-man pick and slam offensive hurry-up defense or whatever. But me? I don’t know any of that; I’m just the insanely competitive one. The only things I care about around this time of year are filling out brackets and taking my friends’ money. I suppose that’s the incentive I need to watch every game (while jumping up and down on my coffeetable and screaming at the television, naturally), but we’re all different.

Now, this year, I’m going into the tournament the defending champion of our pool, The Suzanne Sugarbracket. (If you could send your good vibes Kansas’ way, I’d be much obliged!) And after I win again this year, I’d like to do something a little different for my fellow competitors. Something gentlemanly. Something a little classier, perhaps, than that to which my friends and loved ones have become accustomed (e.g. jumping up on a barstool, with the whoo-hooing, and the pointing, and the “IN YOUR FACE!!!”-ing, etc.). I’m thinking maybe… a thank you note!

And wouldn’t you know it? Conveniently, that brings us to this week’s favorite thing. So without any further ado, may I present:


As I’m sure you discerned from the beginning of this post, clearly, I often forget my manners. And that’s why everything about this is a dream come true for me, and perfect for the scatterbrained caveman in your life. I mean just take a gander at everything it comes with:

  • 12 letterpress cards and envelopes (3 “Thank You,” 3 “Happy Birthday,” 2 “Thinking of You,” 2 “Blank Correspondence Cards,” 1 “Congratulations” and 1 “Love You”).
  • Access to an online personal event reminder system with customizable email and text message reminders.
  • Matching envelopes with postage included for 4 cards.
  • Copy of A Forgetful Gentleman’s Guide to Articulate Writing.
  • 100% cotton paper from the same 15th century Italian paper mill that produced Napoleon’s wedding invitations and Picasso’s art paper.

But the best part is that, even though sometimes writing thank you notes, and non-Facebook birthday wishes can be a time-consuming pain in the you-know-what, Forgetful Gentleman’s stationery is so elegant, sophisticated, and cool that you end up wanting to use it all the time. Finally, after almost three decades, I’m the cool, masculine adult of my dreams! On paper at least… Plus, if you don’t know what to say, they’ve got a handy book of tips; there’s this awesome little blue planner to keep you organized. They’ll even personalize your stationery, if you ask them nicely. And then give them money. Simply put, Forgetful Gentleman is a one stop shop for all sorts of handsome products that are sure to keep you or your man organized, and, more importantly, looking really, really hot. (Priorities, people!)

For more about Forgetful Gentleman, head over this way. Plus, look for them on Ella & Boss, coming soon!

Until next time! Go Jayhawks!


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