Spools Rush In – Episode 1: How Unseamly!

Happy Monday, folks! Lieutenant Princess is back with a quick installment of “Spools Rush In,” which, according to my notes, is either an investigation into that weird basement where all the American Apparel models live, and are forced to subsist on nothing but shag carpeting and tube socks and leotards, or her new series about what’s she’s learning in her new sewing class. I’m gonna go out on a limb, and guess it’s the latter, but let’s find out together, shall we? Take it away, LP!

Hey, everyone! So my friend and I are now two classes deep at G Street Fabrics and, so far, it’s going pretty great. I think that, even though we were both really excited going into this, neither of us really had any idea what to expect. But our teacher and our classmates have been really kind and helpful, and that’s really helped our confidence grow. I have a feeling we just might be totally awesome sewers some day! (As in, “One who sews,” not the other- Oh, nevermind.)

As expected, our very first challenge was threading the machine, which was easy enough once my beginner brain was able to translate the teacher’s instructions, “Through here, through there, down and around, U-turn [U-turn?!!!], through there, and done!” into something… somewhat intelligible. I mean it takes this skinny, little woman like 30 seconds to thread a sewing machine! It’s ridiculous! But she’s funny, because after maybe the third or fourth demonstration, with the whole class still all slack-jawed and confused, beating the machines with our fists, she just had this resigned look on her face like, “Another bunch of idiots, huh?” But I’m joking around. She’s pretty cool, and I think we got through it alright. Well enough, at least, that she came up to us after class and said that we’d done a good job, and she had a feeling we were going to make some really cool stuff by the end of the class. So that was awesome! Less awesome, however, was when I was then possessed by the spirit of the Sew-ly Ghost and demanded a high-five. She was dubious, but came around eventually. Score!

The next challenge was learning to sew in a straight line, which is a surprisingly difficult thing to do. My first few stitches looked like the work of a kindergartner after 12 Pixie Stix and, like, soooo much crack. BUT! By the end of class, I got a lot better and I’m even almost done with an actual thing! Look!

My Waterproof Tote Bag!

Next up, pajama pants! And a finished tote bag, of course! Can’t wait!

Have you taken a sewing class? What did you find most difficult? Any tips or tricks? Let me know in the comments! And for more info on the class I’m taking, head this way…

Until the next episode!


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