Our Favorite Things: Paris Oval Sconce by Niermann Weeks

Happy Tuesday, friends! Resident male at your service, and welcome, as always, to Ella & Blog. Well, I’ve really got to hand it to that little groundhog fellow, because (and I don’t mean to jinx it) here in DC we’re officially rockin’ a pretty sweet early spring situation! Good job, Phil! Consider those groundhog meat sandwich plans shelved permanently. (Or at least until next winter…)

And how sweet spring is! Now that the Darth Winter is finally starting to relax its cold, gray, paralyzing death grip, all of us at E&B are finally free to engage in all of our favorite springtime activities. You know… like skipping hand-in-hand through the jonquil fields, de-gnoming our gardens, and, of course, coming up with restaurant ideas that are, like, 10,000% better than any of those jokers on “America’s Next Great Restaurant.” (I mean, really, Meltworks guy? Mass-produced, overpriced “gourmet” grilled cheese sandwiches? Pshaw!)

But when we’re not doing any of those things, we’re… doing our jobs! For you! Hooray! So here’s our latest favorite thing! Ladies and germs, may I present…


Back before my introduction to the world of design, on the rare occasion my mind drifted over to the subject of sconces, I think they used to always remind me of medieval castles. Or, more likely, British bakery treats. I don’t know why. Probably because I’m a little dim. (RIMSHOT!) (Sorry.) I guess I mean that I thought that sconces, while delicious, were perhaps a little stuffy, or old-fashioned. What I’ve come to learn, however, is that sconces can be a thoroughly modern, unique and unexpected way to light your space. And ward off dragons. Take the Paris Oval Sconce by Niermann Weeks, for example. This gorgeous, versatile piece compliments just about any space, from the most traditional room to the most contemporary. Plus, the expertly antiqued glass enhances the light and provides a bright, beautiful, warm glow. Like all of Niermann Weeks’ pieces, the Paris Oval Sconce is stunning and incredibly well-made, so it doesn’t come cheap. If you’re willing and able, however, it’s a classic piece that will last forever and never go out of style!

For more about the Paris Oval Sconce and all things NW, feel free to drop us a line anytime!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go out and enjoy this beautiful, budding spring! Until next time, everybody!


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2 Responses to “Our Favorite Things: Paris Oval Sconce by Niermann Weeks”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    This sconce is so beautiful in person!! worth every cent!!

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