Best Sewing Machines For Beginners

Happy Friday, friends! Resident male here once again, and I’ve got a query for all you DIY-ers out there!

OK, so I want a new duvet cover and possibly some new curtains. Since I spend 40 hours a week surrounded by pretty fabric, it just makes more sense to me to make something rather than spend a zillion dollars at some random store for something I don’t even want. The rub? I don’t have a sewing machine, and I’m not sure which one is best for someone who is perhaps not the most experienced… uh… seamster?

Now, the Amazon retail reviews have been rather helpful. I now know that they range in price from $100-$6,000, which is mind-boggling. (For six grand that thing better sew me up some breakfast every morning!) And it seems as though Singer and Brother have the market cornered. Here are the two that, according to the reviews, seem like the best bet:

The XL-2600i by Brother:

This machine, priced around $100.00, is not only super-affordable, but it also comes with 25 custom stitches and a super easy one-step buttonhole function.

The XL-2610 by Brother:

This one is slightly more expensive, and it also comes with 25 custom stitches. The main diference is the four-step buttonhole function.

But what say you, friends? I know there are a ton of seamsters and seamstresses out there! What kind of sewing machine do you use? Do you like it? Is there something it’s lacking? And is there a particular one you think would be especially good for those of us just starting out? Let us know in the comments!

Have a good day, everybody!


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3 Responses to “Best Sewing Machines For Beginners”

  1. Francesca Says:

    I got kenmore- sears brand. Same used at awesome dc sewing studio bits of thread. Good beginner machine.

  2. Cabrerasoares Cabrera Says:

    The best stitching final results will come when you rinse as well as dried out your cloth before you begin your project…. Uncomplicated Quilts for newbies ; children stitches machines …Brothers XL2600i

  3. craftingscribe Says:

    I use just about every price range of machine out there from Singer to Pfaff. These little Brother machines may not be pro grade machines, however they are great for taking to the craft shows and classes.

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