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Hello again! Resident male, again, back with another little post to help you prepare for this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Last Friday, we showcased some of our favorite media centers and TV stands, but today we thought we’d talk about something even more important, maybe even the most important aspect of throwing the most epic, perfect Super Bowl party. Of course, I’m talking about the food.

Duh. What did you think I meant? Comfortable seating? Pshaw! I’d sit on a cold slab of concrete, if it meant a decent plate of wings, let’s be real.

Now, fear not. I’m not here to give you any sort of recipe. I’m not sure you’d want one from me unless you’re super into salmonella or some other horrible, alien food poisoning from outer space. (Well, actually maybe I’m selling myself short. Here’s a good one I’ve had up my sleeve since adolescence. Step one: Obtain popcorn. Step two: Open popcorn. Step three: Lift popcorn bag to the mouth and tip it at such an angle that the contents slide gently into the mouth. Mother never approved, but that was probably because she was just jealous.) Anyway, I’m sure your top secret wing/dip/bbq recipe is more than sufficient.

What I’m here to talk about is presentation, which if done right can make your vittles and things even more appetizing than they were before. Here are a few of our favorite serving pieces that are sure to impress your guests and turn your Super Bowl party into an affair to remember.

First up, the Festivo Collection by Arte Italica:

I mean, “Festivo Collection.” That just sounds like a party, right? Arte Italica is a company that specializes in updating classic designs for our modern times. These beautiful, simple ceramic and pewter bowls are perfect for elegant entertaining with a Mediterranean touch. Also, note the cute labels on each piece. “Guacamole.” “Salsa.” Totally perfect for the modern-day Donna Reed in your life!

Next, we’ve got the Rustic Collection by Star Home:

Every time I see our Star Home pieces I can’t help but think “modern whimsy,” although I’m not 100% sure that’s a thing. But whatever. It is one now. This is a really original, edgy, and surprisingly affordable, collection that draws its inspiration from objects and shapes found in nature. In the snapshot above, you’ve got the cheese plate, the ice bucket and the salad bowl, but there are a variety of bowls, trays and other goodies to choose from.

Finally, we’ve got the Pine Basket Collection by Model Metalworks:

We love Modern Metalworks. In fact, we talked a little bit about them in a post last year, when we first saw them at the NY Gift Show. In short, MM is a company based in Mexico, committed to producing beautiful pieces, crafted by local artisans, using only found and sustainable materials. To wit, this stylish, durable piece (here paired with a dip bowl made from recycled pewter) is made from woven pine needles collected from the forest floor. We love MM in particular, because to us they represent the future of design, proving that you can fill your home with environmentally-friendly products without sacrificing quality or style. Plus, they make great conversation pieces!

Of course, these collections are just the beginning. For more info on these pieces or anything else in our repertoire, feel free to click the link, and give us a shout!

Here’s hoping that you and yours have a safe, happy, and (as always, dahling!) fashionable Super Bowl Sunday! GO PACKERS!


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  1. Lindsay Says:

    GO PACK!!

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