Our Favorite Things: Napkin Jewels by L’Objet

Happy Friday, everyone! Resident Male here! Indeed, it has been a while since my last post, and I know what you’re probably thinking. “He’s just like all the other Resident Males out there, promising he’ll be around forever, and then running off with the first funny Youtube video or hipster music blog he can find!” Well, yes, it’s true I have been out and about, but with good reason! As we discussed last time, we’ve been looking for the right web developers to make Ella & Boss the sleek, modern, user-friendly site it was always meant to be. Well, after searching the globe (seriously. Those Tibetan monks looked at me like I was crazy!), we’ve finally found the right guys for the job! So three cheers for the good folks at Plush Real Estate Media! We’re looking forward to a long, prosperous relationship, working together to bring all of you out there the latest and greatest products our humble little industry has to offer. Oh, hold on a sec, my 17th century diamond-encrusted shower caddy just arrived from Liechtenstein! I think it’ll really bring the bathroom together…

Anyway, the point is we missed you and even though we might stray for a bit, we’ll always come a-runnin’ back. Let’s stay together for the design!

So how about we get right back into the swing? During our time apart, we’ve had tons of time to go looking for brand new, beautiful accessories for your home, and I think it’s about high time we shared. So welcome to this week’s new Favorite Thing…


I’ve found that hosting a successful event from the most intimate dinner party to the most elaborate gala is all in the details. It’s the unique, whimsical little touches that your guests always remember and appreciate. Unless, you’ve got fireworks. People really like fireworks… Anyway, this past Christmas Eve, for instance, our interpid leader had a little soiree at her ridiculously beautiful, elegant home (which she designed herself, naturally. Call us!). The decor was gorgeous, of course. The food was out of this world, of course. But people really got a kick out of sitting down to eat and seeing the cute little guy above, wrapped around their napkins. Granted, a crystal-encrusted golden frog may not be your style. Fortunately, L’Objet’s Napkin Jewel Collection, has tons and tons of options and designs, at different price points, to fit any occasion and allow you to showcase your personal style. You’ll be amazed how something like a clever or elegant napkin ring will impress and delight your guests!

For more info on L’Objet’s Napkin Jewel Collection or how to get a set of your own, feel free to drop us a line here.

Until next time, folks! Happy weekend! (It’s nice to be back!)


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