Renovation is the Spice of Life

Guten Tag, everyone! Resident Male here! I hope this gross, rainy afternoon finds all of you well! But how does this gross, rainy afternoon find me, you ask? Forloooorn! And I imagine many of you in the DC area today may be feeling the same way. Goodness, look out that window! Darkness! Rain! Wind! Cold! It’s enough to make you run into a cave and hide out until next spring! But, enough of that! I refuse to let any of us give in to these doldrums! Yes, it may be bleak and frigid outside, but not in our hearts. So let us rejoice for Ella & Boss has some super exciting news to share!

By the way, how’s your cave looking these days…?

Anyway, big news! I’ll start at the very beginning for the newcomers. Once upon a time, there was a design firm in DC called Elements of Design (which still totally exists, by the way. Give us a ring!). And it was there in a fabulous lair, two miles above the surface of Georgetown, that Pam, our intrepid leader, Lindsay, our fearless Lieutenant Princess, and, of course, your favorite Resident Male, would spend days, sometimes weeks, on end, devising novel ways to bring the most exciting, innovative, aesthetically pleasing interior design to our many wonderful clients. But something was missing. Why should luxurious, high-end design be something only the wealthy can afford? All it takes is a few gorgeous, well-placed pieces and the lowliest studio becomes the swankiest penthouse in town.

How do we bring our brand of affordable elegance to the masses?

…And, last winter, from that tiny seed of a question, grew the mighty Ella & Boss, the internet’s one stop shop for fun, exciting, versatile home accents that have the power to take any boring old house and transform it into a sophisticated, yet comfortable, home. No matter your budget, at Ella & Boss, you’ll always be able to find something that will make stop and smile and say, “It’s good to be home.”

But, that said, the way the site looks and operates as it is right now… Well… It’s not ideal. Am I right?

I mean don’t get me wrong, we love E&B. Love it! But kind of the way you love your socially-awkward thirteen-year-old son who talks back, and has bad skin, and hasn’t discovered the whole deodorant thing yet. It’s tough is all I’m sayin’. So to get us through this little awkward phase, we’ve called in a team of some of the best graphic designers in the country to take E&B to the next level. Sleek. Streamlined. Modern. Eclectic. And best of all, tons and tons and tons of brand new products at the best prices, updated all the time. With this redesign, we want to take E&B and make it the site we’ve always known it could be, and the site that you, our loyal readers and customers, deserve.

So in the coming weeks and months, don’t be surprised if you should head to the mothership and find a page that says “Under Construction.” We may be down, but we’re not out by a longshot. Look for the brand new Ella & Boss coming soon!

But until then, be sure to check back here often for more tricks of the trade, favorite products and, of course, redesign updates! Oh, and you can also follow us on the Twitter and the Facebook and the Youtubes! I always forget to say that! We’re designing all over the internet!

Resident Male, signing off! Ciao!


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