Our Favorite Things: Rosewood Wine Caddy by Bey-Berk International

Afternoon, everybody! Resident male here and as Mr. Elvis Costello might say, “Welcome to the working week!” Yes, friends, once again it’s a brand new week, and if you’re here in DC, well, it’s kind of an icky one, weather-wise. But starting the week with a big bucket of yuck isn’t necessarily all bad. Personally, I’m comforted by the fact that I spent last weekend in the sun with friends making more wonderful memories. (Well, the ones I can remember at least…) Silver lining!

But it got me thinking: what makes a great weekend? Well, if you’re anything like me, you enjoy quiet, classy evenings spent before a crackling fire in the salon, snifter of brandy in hand, embroiled in a rousing debate over the issues of the day with good friends. Funny then, how it never seems to turn out that way, right? What with the advent of the ice luge and Jack Daniels and Lady Gaga. Hmmm… Well, I suppose it’s a good thing for me and all of you that this week’s favorite thing is designed to bring that touch of elegance and sophistication back to your next party. Ladies and germs, may we present:

The Rosewood Wine Caddy by Bey-Berk International!

Looking for the perfect gift for the wine connoisseur on your list? Well, look no further then this handsome caddy. Present your favorite wine in style with this beautiful rosewood finished box, which includes a handy five-piece bar set consisting of a corkscrew, thermometer, pouring spout, drip guard and stopper. It’s makes a very handsome gift and is great for so many occasions, like a dinner party or a romantic picnic for two. But the best part? It’s available right now at Ella & Boss! Stop on by and grab yours today!

Cheers! Until next time!


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One Response to “Our Favorite Things: Rosewood Wine Caddy by Bey-Berk International”

  1. Teddy Says:

    I love collecting wine caddys for my wine collection, and the big thing I’ve gotten into recently are the stainless steel wine caddy characters, such as golfers or bikers. I buy mine from WorldToHome.com, I recommend checking them out for yourself or as gifts.

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