5 Fabulous Gifts for Mother’s Day!

"Psst! Time to start thinking about Mother's Day!"

Good morrow, everyone! Resident Male here once again! Now if you’re anything like me, you love your mother very, very much. (Very controversial, I know…) But if you’re anything like me, you’re also terrible at remembering dates and holidays, so Mother’s Day can get a little… dicey. I don’t know about you, but for me, every year it’s the same thing. For the month beforehand, every day I’m like, “Mother’s Day’s coming up! Must remember to get something cool!” And then all of a sudden it’s the Wednesday before the big day, and I’m tripping over myself trying to get the last ratty bouquet of flowers in DC on a UPS truck, while paying an arm and a leg for the privilege. Plus? What are you supposed to get for Mother’s Day? I mean, really? Flowers? Chocolates? Doesn’t that all seem so passe? But going off the beaten path can get you in trouble as well. My favorite Mother’s Day memory happened when I was a little kid. I knew my Mom liked Hitchcock movies, so I ran right out (not knowing what I was buying, mind you) and ever so earnestly bought her her very own DVD copy of Psycho, which… Yeah… Don’t do that. It’s a wonder I didn’t get disowned. (I’M SO SORRY, MOM! STILL!)

I promise I’ve gotten a little better since then, but to help you avoid making the same ridiculous mistake, and to make sure you get that Mother’s Day gift in the mail on time, here are five gift ideas (at different price points, not to worry), all from the Ella & Boss Collection that are sure to make your Mom’s day. Here we go!

1. Gold Plated Rectangular Frame with Multi-Colored Crystals by L’Objet

Most mothers I know would say that they treasure pictures of their kids and grandkids more than anything. But that doesn’t mean they can’t treasure the frames those pictures come in, right? Score some major points with Mom this year, with a family portrait set inside this beautiful frame, handcrafted by the master artisans at L’Objet. This richly textured, gold plated design, accented by scores of small multicolored crystals, will brighten any space and provide an elegant, whimsical showcase for the people and places you and your Mom both love. ($150.00)

2. Gift-Wrapped Soaps by Fringe Studios

Generally speaking, when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, I’ve found that you can never ever go wrong with pretty things that smell good. Well, there are very few gifts that I’ve found that fit that particular bill better than these beautifully wrapped, handmade soaps from Fringe Studios. Each gourmet soap comes in a different scent (Jasmine Lime, Vanilla Orange, Ginger Rosewood, Currant & Cassis), and the whole set comes with a lovely glass tray, painted with a black and white landscape scene. So whether she sets them out for guests, or hoards them for herself, this is a gift she’s sure to use and enjoy. (And yes, yes, before you email me, I’m sure there are a few mothers out there who prefer ugly, funky things. Unfortunately, I can’t help you there…) ($69.00)

3. Rustic Salad Bowl by Star Home

We’ve been a fan of Star Home’s serving pieces for quite some time now. They’re durable, sleek, modern, and, best of all, they won’t break the bank. Help your Mom impress her guests with this beautiful salad bowl, our favorite piece of all. Inspired by the great outdoors, this unique bowl adds a touch of rustic charm to any occasion, and makes a bold, elegant statement. Plus, it’s sturdy enough for everyday use, so I”m afraid you’ll never again go without your vegetables. (Sorry!) ($70.00)

4. Clé Noir Candle by L’Objet

After all that entertaining, your Mom’s going to be pooped, and what’s better after a long day than curling up with a good book or relaxing in the tub with a beautiful scented candle. Well, few are more beautiful than the Clé Noir by L’Objet. Elegantly packaged in a textured black ceramic jar with gold plated accents, the Clé Noir looks just as fashionable on display as it does in use. It even includes a decorative lid, so Mom can use it multiple times. Also, if black’s not your Mom’s thing, for the same price, it comes in a variety of colors and scents. Drop us a line for more info! ($75.00)

5. Boat Canyon Three-Piece Luggage Set by Halsea

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the cutest bags ever! This particular set includes one large tote bag, one travel cosmetics case and one small make-up bag. All three are made from sturdy, waterproof laminated canvas and sport a cheerful, gold “crab” design on an Azure Blue background. So whether she’s on a fabulous vacation on some faraway tropical isle or just headed down to the local grocery store, this useful luggage will add a touch of whimsical sophistication to any outing. Trust me, if our intrepid leader is any indication, your Mom will be powerless to resist! ($199.00)

And there you have it! Five gifts your Mom is sure to love. For more information on how to purchase any and all of them, head on over to Ella & Boss. And feel free to sound off in the comments about anything you’ve seen here! We’d love to get to know you! What are your favorite Mother’s Day memories? Any favorite gifts given or received?

Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll repost this the week before Mother’s Day. You’re welcome… 🙂


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