Our Favorite Things: Biarritz Ceiling Fixture by Niermann Weeks

Greetings and salutations, you gorgeous lovers of fine design! Resident male here once again, and if I seem to be in an unusually good mood, indeed I am. Thanks for asking! There’s just something about springtime here in DC that makes my heart take flight. The cherry blossoms, perhaps? Lazy happy hours and long lunches in outdoor cafes? Taking a jacket-less stroll on a warm, enchanted, moonlit evening, the scent of new possibilities and enduring love lightly dancing on the breeze. (Or something like that. I don’t know.) Or maybe it’s how every year the very second the calendar hits April 1, the temperature shoots right up to 98 billions degrees and stays there until mid-October. Although, come to think of it, that’s kinda lame… Well, whatever it is, spring has sprung here in DC and it’s lovely. And like most boys from 1 to 92, when spring springs my fancy turns to love, so I thought for this week’s Favorite Thing, why not go with something that’s sure to brings a little romance, a little whimsy, and a little light (both literal and figurative) into your home.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present: The Biarritz Ceiling Fixture by Niermann Weeks!

As seen in the foyer of our Intrepid Leader

A few weeks ago, our very first Favorite Thing was the Octagonal Mirror also by Niermann Weeks, because one of things we love the most about NW is how versatile their pieces are. Thier designs are by and large classical shapes, with a modern edge, so no matter your personal aesthetic, they’re perfect standout pieces that fit into nearly every room. The Biarritz is no exception; it’s a unique take on a classic five-pointed star design that will add a touch of wit and sophistication to any space in your home. Like most pieces in the NW catalog, it comes in a variety of sizes and can be either hung or mounted flush against the ceiling. It is also a part of NW’s “Quickship” program, which means that, unlike similar products of its quality and price, it won’t take forever and a day to arrive at your home. So if there’s a room in your home that could use a a little brightening and a little romance, give us a shout at info@ellaandboss.com, and we’ll be more than glad to pass along some more information about how you can get a Biarritz of your very own.

And, as always, please check out what we’ve got for you over at good ol’ Ella & Boss this week. You never know what you might find!

Until next week, everyone! Happy Spring!


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