Our Favorite Things: The Giovanna Vase by Arte Italica

Afternoon, everybody! Welcome to this week’s “Favorite Things” post. I certainly hope wherever you are the week is treating you kindly. Here in DC, it seems we’re getting a jump on the spring, which personally I think we deserve after surviving last month’s pesky Snowpocalypse. The rain last weekend notwithstanding, it’s just been so beautiful and sunny and warm for the last week, so I guess the guy controlling the weather machine can stay. It was touch and go there for a while, but we all make mistakes… 🙂

Anyway, since spring is busting out all over, the three of us thought it would be nice to showcase a piece that makes us think warm, flowery thoughts. Therefore, this week’s favorite is: The Giovanna Pewter and Crystal Vase by Arte Italica!

Now, since we’re all different people, naturally, the intrepid leader, Lindsay and I don’t always see eye to eye on every piece. But that’s not the case with this one. No matter your personal design aesthetic, this is the kind of piece that, in person, makes everyone’s jaw drop. It’s just that undeniably stunning. Inspired by the work of Renaissance-era Tuscan artisans, it’s a modern take on a classic design, so it’s both thoroughly timeless, yet right there on the cutting edge. Impress everyone with this bold statement piece that is sure to compliment any space!

The Giovanna Vase is available right now at Ella&Boss, but supplies are limited. Don’t miss your chance to show off this incredible piece today!


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2 Responses to “Our Favorite Things: The Giovanna Vase by Arte Italica”

  1. Sandy Says:

    so unique- on my must have list!

  2. Brittney Says:

    I love this vase! It’s perfect for all the spring flowers I will be buying soon- thanks!

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